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Perimeter CCTV


Joe Shopsin


August 7, 2022


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Perimeter CCTV

TechPro Security Products is a provider of security equipment installation, monitoring, maintenance , including alarms, access control, Interior and Perimeter CCTV.

All of the Technologies installed and carried by TechPro Security products are cutting edge options capable of providing the highest level of security to your location. More popular than ever now is the power of Perimeter CCTV protection and all the options this brings. What do we mean when we say perimeter CCTV protection? CCTV is short for Closed Circuit Television. It is the use of strategically placed security cameras, utilizing various features and functions, all connected back to a central recording station. These cameras are intended to actively monitor the premises and record data capable of being viewed later from the CCTV system.

Security Camera systems generally come in two technology types- HD over COAX and IP/Network CCTV. TechPro Security products provides the installation and maintenance as well as upgrades and repairs for both. However for the most advanced perimeter focused CCTV applications we highly recommend the installation and usage of IP/Network based CCTV cameras and systems. This is because TechPro Security Products utilizes an advanced AI and data analytics packages which works directly with he information and data obtained over the network form IP/Network Cameras. Why is this so important?

Perimeter Protection from CCTV is generally designed for larger areas which have multiple critical locations for exit/entry into the premises. Not all of these critical areas are actually designated entry and exit points, but rather areas vulnerable to unauthorized entry despite this. For example, TechPro has provided Perimeter CCTV protection to some of the largest neighborhoods in South Florida. These neighborhoods are massive, with multiple exit and entry gates often on different sides of the neighborhood. Additionally, there are walls and fences, as well as bushes and shrubbery surrounding the neighborhood where unauthorized entry might take place. There are also multiple roads and paths as well as residential and recreational areas throughout the perimeter of these types of neighborhoods.

In  order to properly monitor each of these areas correctly, TechPro uses an advanced AI and Data analytics system to take into account the subtle and nuanced differences in every single cameras individual field of view. We set up highly specific alerts, rules and triggers to provide us with instantaneous data on what is occurring around the perimeter. We utilize line crossing and motion detection to always know when there is a party or parties encroaching on an areas. We can use thermal cameras to see even the smallest movement at night in areas where additional lighting is impossible, or where making out details could otherwise proved difficult. License plate Readers keep track of gates logging plate data and recording clear images of vehicles. With Techpro’s advanced Perimeter CCTV we, and therefore you, will always be informed.

If you’re interested in the worlds most cutting edge CCTV for your location, give TechPro Security Products a call today to set up an assessment.

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