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    Alarm InstallationA security alarm system is a proven method of criminal activity deterrence, as well as an effective, quick response to home or business intrusion.Learn more
    Alarm MonitoringTechpro Security Products has nearly a decade of installation expertise. We are electrical contractor license holders that will execute your alarm installation.Learn more
    Security Alarm
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    We do this because we stand behind our products with integrity. We know we are offering some of the best equipment available and want our customers to feel supported.
    Security Alarm
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    Alarm monitoring 24/7 Protection

    Alarm monitoring is the communication service that is established between your security provider and your business or home’s security alarm system.

    Whenever your system’s armed control panel gets notified by a triggered sensor, such as from an open window, motion detector, or door sensor our Techpro monitoring station will be notified. If the alarm is not unarmed through the keypad with the proper code you will be called for notification and the proper authorities will be dispatched to the location.

    Techpro Security Products has a team of vigilant attendants, consistently attentive and ready to properly respond if an emergency situation were to arise.

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    Your home security system will provide us with all necessary account identification details if the system is triggered. We will be prompted with your system’s location address and your contact information and will also be notified of what specific sensor triggered your alarm system.

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