Perimeter Security

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Securing Perimeters For Neighborhoods Of All Sizes

Over the last few years, security systems for residential use have expanded their capabilities greatly while at the same time becoming even more affordable. TechPro offers Perimeter Security For Neighborhoods Of All Sizes.

    With today’s technological advances, it has never been so easy to protect your property, assets, and most importantly your family. Security solutions from the past only could protect the immediate vicinity around your own home. Now you have a plethora of feasible solutions that can be combined with high-definition security cameras. License Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition, Virtual Guard for gate operations, Emergency generator backup for security cameras and access control, Radar Speed Cameras, and more! Call TechPro today to get help with your perimeter security.

    Older security cameras systems were great for identifying perpetrators only after an incident has been noticed or reported.

    Newer proactive solutions can help deter or stop those with bad intentions altogether. Securing the perimeter of your neighbor is paramount to protecting the whole community. Gated communities vary in size and some are just too massive to monitor with eyesight and security cameras alone. Peripheral technologies must be employed as most HOA’s have landscaping (trees & shrubbery) that adds an additional layer of concealment opportunities. Infrared Beams coupled with Live Video Monitoring will allow you to detect and react immediately to any perimeter breach.

    Gated Community HOA Perimeter Security System – The Oaks of Boca Raton

    We are extremely excited to have been approved to bring our new state of the art perimeter security system to the Oaks of Boca Raton! Check out our video presentation!


    HOA Community Security Using Perimeter Security Solutions

    TechPro Security Products has established themselves as the premier perimeter security solution provider. They have worked for years to master this technique by combining multiple technologies that operate seamlessly together thru one platform. Remote Video Monitoring with licensed security guards merged with reliable backup power sources ensure 24/7 uptime year round. These HOA Community security solutions are fully operational during power outages and extended periods of inclement weather. Unfortunately living in Florida you are subject to Hurricanes and adverse weather conditions for the majority of the year. TechPro Security Products has mastered the ultimate solution to protect your community year round whether you are there or not.

    Complete perimeter coverage of the entire community is monitored 24 hours a day by our Digital Security Guard company.

    Any perimeter intrusion is reported directly to the nearest law enforcement agency and then to the local security guards at your HOA.