Radar Enforced Speed Camera

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Enhance Community Security with Radar

Radar Enforced Speed Cameras were typically a tool for police agencies. Now they are enhancing community security. More and more technology that was once only used by law enforcement is now widely available and enhancing community security. The main purpose of Radar Enforced Speed Cameras is to increase public safety on residential roads.

    Radar Speed Cameras record any offending vehicle infractions and keep the evidence so that a clear statement can be sent to the wrongdoers. These useful security devices effectively reduce accidents and unsafe driving practices while identifying visitors or residents committing dangerous infractions. They are especially useful for active social communities with children at play. A Radar Enforced Speed Camera captures infractions in real-time, alerting security personnel. They can also identify the vehicle with License Plate Capture technology and be used to issue appropriate warnings or tickets, if applicable.


    Radar Enforced Speed Cameras in a community or HOA utilize License Plate Capture Cameras all throughout the community.

    When a vehicle exceeds the speed limit by a certain amount the software will store the offending vehicle’s information related to the incident in a database. The HOA then has the ability to mail a warning and ultimately issue a ticket, depending on the bylaws in the community.

    Radar Enforced Speed Cameras use the same philosophy and technical solutions as law enforcement.

    The speeding offenses and violations are stored instantly after the measurement and can be seen on a display for security guards or HOA staff in real time.

    Enhanced Security and Surveillance

    Another great advantage of License Plate Capture Cameras is that they also work double time by performing security surveillance. These cameras can be viewed in real time and record all of the data in case something more than a speeding infraction occurs and requires assessment.


    Features of Radar Enforced Speed Cameras

    The complex technology of a Radar Enforced Speed Camera involves: