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Authorized Partner of Avigilon (Motorola)

TechPro Security Products is a proud partner of Avigilon and offers its full suite of powerful AI & Analytics driven solutions. From video security, cloud, and access control solutions that are integrated and powered by AI to deliver the proper information you desire in real-time and at the right time, thus giving you the ultimate ability to take decisive action immediately.

    What is Avigilon?

    We custom design solutions for your video, cloud, and access control solutions so that they can seamlessly integrate across your entire video security systems. Your Avigilon cameras are powered by advanced AI and video analytics. As complex as your security analytics and artificial intelligence are, we make them extremely easy to use, letting you focus on what matters most. Avigilon will allow your security operator to shift their emphasis and concentration to where it makes the most difference immediately.

    TechPro Security’s core focus is providing reliable and accurate security solutions that deliver actionable results.

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    The AVIGILON Difference



    The bulk of a security operator’s time is spent detecting suspicious activity. Unfortunately, after 20 minutes the detection rate falls below five percent. Lessen liability by creating more opportunities to detect.



    In-depth studies have proven that a security operator spends around ten percent of their time verifying security events. Security Analytics and AI have proven to greatly free up time for security personnel resources.


    Act Now

    Taking immediate action from Analytic & AI data has demonstrated a remarkable increase in the prevention of negative outcomes. Intelligent solutions that save time and substantial manpower in real-time.

    Detect, Verify and Act on Critical Events

    See What You’ve Been Missing

    Security Cameras and Access Control Systems

    One of the key aspects of the Avigilon access control solution is that it can be scaled in either direction up or down without any hiccups. Works great with smaller homes and businesses just as well as it does for enterprise platforms for government-level institutions. Our flexible solutions can change according to demand and your particular project desires. The ACM (Access Control Manager) enterprise system is intended for larger-scale use whereas our entry-level ACM Embedded Controller system is designed for small applications. Every Avigilon access control system is one hundred percent browser based, and requires absolutely zero software installation. How does this work, the system is completely integrated with Avigilon Control Center video management software, which delivers out of the box solutions that provide the type of execution and operation that you would expect from an overly obsessed technology driven security surveillance company.

    Secure All Of Your Entrances, Exits & Visitors

    Extending all of your security to the cloud

    Know what is happening. Act with certainty.

    The Avigilon solutions we offer cover a wide array of verticals.

    • Agriculture
    • Airports
    • Banking
    • Education
    • Gaming
    • Government
    • Healthcare
    • Mining
    • Oil & Gas
    • Ports
    • Public-Private Partnerships
    • Retail
    • Stadiums
    • Utilities

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