Virtual Gate Guard

TechPro Security offers a pioneering solution for controlling access to residential complexes and gated communities.

    Virtual Gate Guard provides innovative security solutions for neighborhood entrances by enhancing alertness while reducing trespassing and cut-through traffic. Virtual Guarding is the premier option for effective access control while reducing traditional guard costs.

    How does it work?

    Virtual Gate Guard Services utilize both audio and video technology to assess every visitor. As a car approaches the gate, it will encounter a security kiosk with a high definition security camera and a drivers license scanner. The resident or guest will be greeted by a live professional security guard. Once the license is scanned, the guard verifies the identity before permitting access.

    Enhanced Safety

    Every visitor’s face and license plate is recorded and can be recalled for analysis anytime.


    Virtual Gate Guard Services reduce the overall costs for employing on-site security guards.

    Reduce Trespassing

    Only community residents and authorized visitors are permitted access once they are logged and verified.


    Every visitor’s identity must be logged and confirmed by a professional guard before access is granted.

    Our Virtual Gate Guard and security surveillance services can help you to:

    Increase overall security while reducing cut-through traffic and trespassing.

    Deter and prevent crime before it occurs.

    Assist law enforcement in identifying potential suspects.

    Monitor all visitor activities that are happening at the community entrance.


    Preventing Crime The Right Way

    Virtual Gate Guard Services are highly effective at preventing trespassing and crime. When paired with Remote Video Monitoring technology, an additional layer of security allows for proactive surveillance solutions. Thermal perimeter monitoring coupled with high definition cameras throughout the interior community allows you to cover a whole neighborhood effectively.


    The cost of having a Virtual Gate Guard is a fraction of the price for traditional on-site security guards.

    All security personnel who operate the Virtual Gate Guard are fully vetted and highly trained professionals. For better peace of mind, we only employ licensed security guards.


    The Virtual Gate Guard Difference

    A Virtual Gate Guard reduces the necessity of having costly security guards around the clock. Virtual Guarding can also be implemented during specific shifts to relieve on-site guards. It allows gated communities to increase access control security protection while simultaneously saving money.
    Virtual Gate Guard Services are not vulnerable to bathroom breaks, napping, and job fatigue. The Virtual Gate Guard system never takes time off and is constantly monitoring the entrance while assessing all visitor activities. Get around the clock peace of mind and keep what’s important protected, 24/7.
    Security Surveillance footage feeds are transmitted in real time with automatic alerts for any suspicious activity. Licensed security guards at the command and control center will always see what is happening and use professional training to implement appropriate response actions.
    The Virtual Gate Guard utilizes the newest surveillance and access control technology. It can also be found currently in use at government facilities and is employed by the likes of the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.
    The Virtual Gate Guard Security System records and logs all visitor activity. It can later be accessed to assess any suspicious activity and confirm visual details or suspect identity.


    Additional Reasons Why

    Different from passive security systems, Virtual Gate Guarding can deter and prevent crimes even before they happen.

    This proactive approach is not only event-driven. The surveillance video feeds are constantly being transmitted in real time, therefore, intruders cannot gain unauthorized access. When Virtual Gate Guard Services are paired with our Perimeter Security solution, thermal imaging and high definition security cameras create a blanket of security that envelopes every inch of a gated community or residential neighborhood.

    Virtual Gate Guard Services are available for residential, commercial, and industrial security applications.

    The intellectual Virtual Gate Guard solution is most popular in gated communities and neighborhoods. It is also commonly used in Car Dealerships, Museums, Hospitals, Construction Sites, Warehouses, Estate Protection, Commercial Properties, Scrap Yards, Manufacturing Facilities, and Industrial Areas. Essentially anywhere that people or valuable assets need safeguarding from unwanted and unlawful entry can benefit from this security solution.


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