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    Network Design & Installation
    There are countless options when it comes to setting up an audio system. This is due to the fact that audio speaker systems have many different components that can be customized to appease whoever is selecting it.

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    AV Installation
    Outdoor audio systems are a great addition to commercial or residential.
    A professionally installed system will add another dimension of entertainment to the selected area. For the inexperienced installer, outdoor audio systems can be somewhat of a challenge to execute correctly. This is because the acoustics of an outdoor space are entirely different when compared to indoor acoustics, which is what most people are used to.
    AV Installation
    Installing outdoor audio goes beyond simply weatherproofing your system.
    It is more of a challenge to achieve the same resonance that you can in an enclosed space. Techpro professionally distributes the speakers to achieve even sound distribution throughout the target zones that are selected. These “target zones” describe the areas that you will most likely be spending time at when using your outdoor audio system.

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    Enjoy the moment, with a quality sound system
    Whether you want a surround sound system for your television set, to dance to your favorite songs while you BBQ in the backyard and the kids swim in the pool, or you want your customers bopping their heads to today’s hits while walking through your shopping center Techpro can provide excellent installation services with minimal hassle.

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    One of the big considerations we take into account during business network installations is the need to create a system that has been cultivated to meet the current demands of the business, but will also be able to adapt with the growth of that company.

    Home Media Installation

    Techpro Security Products can completely transform your television into a top of the line video monitoring system.

    AV Installation
    AV Installation
    Don’t have the time? Let us bring you up-to-date with the latest technologies in home media
    While we convert your old television into a state of the art monitoring solution for your security camera system we can also integrate capabilities to easily compete with today’s most modern media entertainment systems
    Leave the complications to the pros. Techpro will have your media up and be running in no time!
    We can professionally mount your television set and then set it up with smart TV configuration, to bring your home media to current technology levels.

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    Not only will we present you with the best services available when you hire us for professional AV Installation

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