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    Email Solutions

    Email Communication is very much still the backbone of a functional business. With TechPro’s Email Solutions, you’ll never worry about missed or ill-timed critical communication.

    Email Solutions

    In our digital fast paced world, email is the backbone of corporate communications. When the email system fails, communications and productivity come to a screeching halt. Whether you want us to manage your own internal email servers, or utilize a third-party service TechPro is here to ensure that any issues you encounter with email servers, applications, or clients are resolved promptly. Our goal is to keep the communication moving, so your business keeps growing.


    TechPro can suggest a platform that makes sense and works for your organization.”

    Email Providers

    We know there are many choices you have in terms of email providers. TechPro Security is happy to announce that no matter which email system you choose to utilize, we can help configure and manage it so you don’t have any worries. Here are some of the popular Email Service providers available that TechPro works with:

    • Google and Gmail Email and Account Services
    • Microsoft Outlook and Office365
    • Comcast/Xfinity Email
    • SendGrid Email Forwarding


    Depending on your particular business goals, the email provider you choose might have an impact based on its available features. Google and Microsoft, for instance, include multiple tools in their account packages which expand greatly on your available options. For other businesses, these systems might be too much. TechPro can suggest a platform that makes sense and works for your organization. Lastly, if it makes sense we can help set up and configure your own private email servers.

    Stability and Functionality

    Our goal is to ensure as little downtime as physically possible and keep your email system running. As professional network designers, TechPro can establish a configuration for your email system which guarantees solid communication. In this way, any emails sent do not arrive late, or worse are missed entirely.

    Oftentimes an issue with email communication is not tied to the email provider but some other issue facing your network’s design or implementation. With TechPro, this is a factor you won’t have to be concerned with. If your business is currently experiencing slow, delayed, or missed emails contacting TechPro so we can assess the problem is the best choice you could make. With TechPro you’ll be back to solid communication in no time- and we’ll keep it that way.

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    Having your email system managed by the best IT team in south Florida will give you the peace of mind that your data’s integrity is secured.”

    Security and Encryption

    Consider that business environments aren’t just sending emails internally, but sending out emails to other locations. These emails often contain important attachments and/or sensitive client information. Having your email system managed by the best IT team in south Florida will give you the peace of mind that your data’s integrity is secured. The only thing worse than a missed email is a sensitive one ending up in the wrong hands. With TechPro on your side, that’s not a worry! With our extensive knowledge of Network Security and armed with encryption tools, TechPro will keep your email communications your eyes only.

    Utilizing PGP encryption we can disguise your email communications so only authorized parties are able to read the data at the receiving end. In this way, even in the event of a missent email the receiving party won’t have access to sensitive information. 

    We can even help you set up and establish local email servers which handle and manage all the email storage and encryption on your end. Thus providing all the control and security your organization could hope to achieve regarding its sensitive email communications.