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Security Installation Services


Joe Shopsin


July 29, 2022


Security Installation Services

Security Installation Services

The pro Security products provide high-quality Security Installation services for cutting-edge CCTV and Access Control. We cover multiple types of security hardware and software solutions to be able to provide our customers with options for any circumstances. Nothing is more important to us than ensuring our professional services are delivered at the highest possible quality. In order to do this, we have our own standards, producers, guidelines, and keynotes. We always ensure you’re informed throughout the process. Let’s talk a bit more about that!

It’s impossible, and not very professional, to treat every location the same. Every area, every job site is different. The exact same camera might be used in two different locations in entirely different ways. On another side, the same “type” of the situation may require two different cameras at two locations. So many factors determine what is needed and the only way that can be done is to do it right by us coming to take a look. That’s why Tech-Pro will always do an on-site assessment, and that’s our first step! So what does an on-site assessment entail?

A red flag to look out for with any security contractor is wanting to show up and do a job without an assessment. No location falls into a standard so direct that it would be possible to decide what is needed at the location without ever visiting or just having a conversation on the phone. TechPro ensures to send out technicians with experience in installation, fully capable of inspecting the location and making solid judgment calls. We’ll know what we need once we get there- the only real way to tell!

Once we’re at the location and the assessment is completed, we can discuss what kind of security hardware might best suit your personality and location-specific needs! Our primary installations are CCTV, for security cameras and recorders. This can be done with COAX systems and DVRs as well as IP cameras and NVRs.

If you don’t already have one, we offer alarm system monitoring via the well-known service provider utilizing 2Gigs excellent wireless alarm system hardware.

If you run a business or manage a professional organization, access control might be a necessity for your location. This is the use of MAg Locks, strikes, and computerized control boards to provide keycard and keypad access to authorized personnel.

Our Security Technologies:

  • Advanced Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras
  • High resolution fixed motorized cameras- up to 4k
  • Thermal cameras
  • Both IP/Network and classic COAX cameras
  • Active Deterrence Cameras
  • Multi-channel Hybrid Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and Network Video Recorders (NVR)
  • 7k Cameras!!!!
  • Access Control
  • Alarm systems Monitoring
  • Infrared Photoelectric Beams
  • Human Radar Detection

Thanks for checking out what we have to offer from our security installation services. Never attempt a security install alone!

Let the Pros handle it – TechPro!

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