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Starlight technology is the pinnacle of low light surveillance.

Starlight technology provides full color video at night rather than traditional black and white images from other cameras. If you are interested in these specialty cameras fill out the contact form.

A Starlight Security Camera easily outperforms and overachieves any of the leading night vision cameras currently on the market. Starlight technology has the ability to capture high-quality images of areas that are not well lit or have any light at all, including settings in absolute darkness. This latest development for night vision surveillance cameras is vastly improved when compared to earlier technologies and enhances the ability to verify suspicious activity at night. At Techpro Security Products, our Starlight IP Security Camera is backed by lifetime support and some of the strongest warranties in the industry.


Established relationships with the leading manufacturers.

TechPro Security Products is a security camera installation company that has established long-lasting relationships with the leading security camera manufacturers and distributors. This allows us to obtain the latest technological advances in surveillance currently available at wholesale prices. Due to our established relationships, we are able to provide security surveillance products at affordable wholesale costs to companies looking to purchase in quantity and bulk. These same savings are then passed along to homeowners and businesses looking to implement innovative security solutions in their own environment.


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Listed below are various types of popular night vision surveillance cameras equipped with Starlight technology:

2MP Varifocal Starlight IP IR Dome Security Camera – Sibell Series (IPOD-SBS2IRV):

If you are in need of a top quality security camera, the 2MP Dome Starlight Security Camera is the best choice for you. IP66-rated, it is used for indoor and outdoor settings from temperatures as low as -4 degrees F to as high as 122 degrees F. It uses a 2.8-12mm manual zoom, which allows you to control the zoom of your camera remotely and modify properly. You can also use the LED lights on the Starlight CCTV camera to see up to 98 feet in total darkness, even if the camera is not in use.

2MP Varifocal IP IR Bullet Starlight Security Camera – Sibell Series (IPOB-SBS2IRV):

This high-quality and cost-efficient Starlight IP Camera comes in the bullet camera design. The Starlight IP bullet camera features built-in LEDs that diffuse infrared lighting, which allows it to see up to 98 feet in darkness. It carries a 2MP HD resolution, features a 2.8 – 12mm manual zoom lens, and is ONVIF compliant.

2MP IR Network Smart Auto Tracking PTZ Security Camera (30x zoom) – Elite Series (IPPTZ-EL2IR30X-ATUS):

The Smart Auto-Tracking IR Network PTZ Camera is part of the Elite Series and boasts an advanced smart auto-tracking feature. This auto-tracking feature brings futuristic technology to life and allows the product to automatically track an object or person in motion. It will actually follow the object or person until it is out of frame. It has a great 30x zoom which will give you a highly detailed view of your property. It can be used and controlled by most devices anywhere with a network connection. With this PTZ camera, you can pan 360 degrees, tilt 180 degrees, and zoom up to 30x.

2MP Starlight Infrared Auto Tracker IP PTZ (30x zoom) – Elite Series (IPPTZ-ELS2IRL30X-ATI):

This new 2MP PTZ Camera with Starlight is part of our Elite Series. It has many advanced features like auto-tracking and intelligent video surveillance. The auto-tracking feature allows you to automatically track anything moving (including an object, person or animal). The Intelligent Video Surveillance even has a facial detection feature. Other featured IVS options include motion detection, tripwire, intrusion, scene change, and abandoned objects.

2MP HDCVI Infrared PTZ Security Camera (25x zoom) – Elite Series (CVIPTZ-EL2IRL25X-D2):

This Starlight CCTV camera is a great choice for private and commercial properties. It is one of our most popular items because of its low price and rare capability to control all of its video and audio over the same RG59 cable. It has a 1080p high definition max resolution. This Starlight CCTV camera also has the impressive ability to see up to 492 feet in total darkness and can be preset for up to eight tours.

3MP Starlight PTZ Security Camera (20x zoom) with IR & TVI/AHD Out – Sibell Series (IPPTZ-SBS31R20XHD2):

This is a favorite Starlight 3MP PTZ Camera from our Sibell Series line of security cameras. The product contains a 20x optical zoom and transfers 3MP video at 30fps rate. It has an IR distance of 295 feet and 360-degree infinite pan rotation that guarantees a wide monitor range.

2MP Infrared Starlight Auto Tracker IP PTZ Camera (30x zoom) – Elite Series (IPPTZ-ELS2IR30XD-ATI):

Contains the same exact specification as the previous pan-tilt-zoom Starlight IP camera including auto-tracking and Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS). The only feature that makes this product different is a hidden lighting and dark color.


Starlight Security Cameras

TechPro Security Products is a highly experienced installation team in the security field and all of our techs are continually receiving the latest education from the security camera manufacturers. For more information and tips about Starlight Security Cameras call TechPro Security Products.

You can visit the Security Camera King website for more information on the products listed above or to view our entire catalog online. They carry a full inventory of different video recorders, security cameras, surveillance systems, access control equipment, and much more.