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Neighborhood Camera System


Damon Delcoro


July 3, 2017


Reliable Neighborhood Security

When you buy a home, you want that home to be the most secure place possible. Most people who buy a house are looking to start a family or already have a family and want to keep their kids as secure as possible. Unfortunately, cities have been growing in the U.S.A and more and more people have been moving into suburban areas. This has caused a boom in burglaries. Since most break-ins take less than 10 minutes, these thieves can actually hit more than one hous and hitting a few houses in the same neighborhood. This is why if you’re part of an HOA, you should absolutely begin discussing a neighborhood camera system.  There are two methods of security that you can use, preventative and reactive.

Neighborhood Camera System


A reactive system is a system that needs a crime to occur for you to defend yourself. This kind of system has its advantages and it also has it’s downside. The most common reactive security system would be an alarm system. With an alarm system, the security company comes in and sets up a trap. With “Entry Sensors” to alert you when an uninvited guest. Then you have your motion sensors which catch these visitors just in case the entry sensor doesn’t catch them. Sounds great! Right? Well yeah, but there’s just one issue. The intruder is already in your home but the good news is the police are on their way. Awesome, except the national average for police response time was 11 minutes. Most burglaries last less than ten minutes. This means that by the time the police arrive there will only be a crime scene, and you’ve already become a victim.  


Now that we understand how a reactive system works. Let’s play out a scenario. Burglar scopes out your home notices that you have a security system, but notices that you have no cameras. He breaks in, the alarm goes off, he get’s in and out within 8 minutes. When the alarm rings the monitoring center calls you and calls the police. The police arrive and all they have is forensic evidence of what happened. They have no visual, and you’re out around $2,251 which is the average property dollar loss per burglary.



A preventative system has the goal of preventing the burglary from occurring in the first place. A preventative system consists of high-resolution security cameras that are strategically placed to have a visual of an entire property. Covering all entrances, and the entire perimeter. You might be wondering how security cameras would help protect your neighborhood. Well, a neighborhood camera system would actually deter criminals from even trying. Security cameras caught footage of the whole crime happening. This scares most burglars because with an alarm system there’s no evidence that they were there. With security cameras, the entire crime is caught and recorded. 60% of convicted burglars said that in when they were scoping out a location, security cameras would deter them since there would be evidence of their crime. So this neighborhood system is just the system without monitoring. Imagine if these cameras were using Digital Security Guard’s “Remote Camera Monitoring.” You just took your neighborhood camera system and made it exponentially more effective (To learn more about Remote Camera Monitoring Click Here).  


Now let’s run the same scenario.

Burglar scopes out your home notices that you have a security system, but notices that you have cameras. But the experienced security professional watching your neighborhood camera system notices that there is someone strange that looks like he is scoping out homes. He contacts the police and has them come over and stop the individual, for a routine questionnaire type stop. Immediately, that burglar is deterred from ever committing a crime at that location. So instead of you having to deal with a broken in-home and the thousands of dollars in losses, plus the emotional trauma on your family. Life just continues as normal and you and all the other families in your neighborhood continue safe.  


TechPro Security

TechPro Security is the camera installation company to come to when you need a neighborhood camera system. Our seasoned security professionals, have the experience to design a custom system for your neighborhood. Our team will go over and meticulously position each camera to ensure maximum coverage. With blind spots kept to a minimum. Once you get your neighborhood camera system professionally installed by our professionals, talk to your sales agent about 24/7 camera monitoring provided by Digital Security Guard. If you would like more information on how to keep your property secure read some of our other articles about neighborhood security linked below.

Neighborhood Camera System

Neighborhood Camera System