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Security Camera Installation Companies


Damon Delcoro


June 16, 2017


security camera installation companies

Every day an estimated 10,000 break-ins occur. Every day 10,000 homes, businesses, and warehouses face thousands maybe tens of thousands of dollars in losses. Simply because they weren’t prepared and didn’t call one of the best security camera installation companies to take preventative methods so that you don’t become susceptible to robbery. The real questions are how can security camera installation companies help you or your business?



Security Camera Installation Companies

Security Cameras have helped business and homes monitor and keep themselves safe. In today’s world having security cameras has become a necessity in most cases. Keeping an eye on customers, employees, and even possible outside threats, or even being able to identify someone after a crime has unfortunately already been committed. Law enforcement almost depends on security camera footage to identify and lock up criminals. So how should you defend your home or business, what cameras should you use, and What resolution should they be?


Security Camera Options

Technology has advanced to the point where analog security cameras have become obsolete and cost more or the same as some high-definition options. So why choose to have an old technology when you can have more than twice the quality of analog for virtually no difference in cost. There are also different kinds of cameras, bullets, domes, PTZ. Which is right for you.

Camera Resolutions

VGA is original and what some consider analog at 640×480 it has lower resolution than almost any phone camera on the market. Even though it can get the job done, you won’t be able to see much and getting detail will be almost impossible, meaning that if a crime is committed getting usable footage to identify the perpetrator will be a challenge.


The next step up from VGA is 720p, which is also considered HD. This already gives your much more resolution at 1280×720. This clears up the image, allowing more detail and dynamic range. Meaning that more colors are visible. Also with 720p the IR mode looks significantly better and even in complete darkness cameras will still be able to pick up details.


Continuing our journey comes the new industry standard. 1080p is the perfect balance between quality and cost. The image coming from a 1080p system is far superior to anything you’ve experienced from security cameras before. Because of this quality, you get an added feature that was not possible before. Digital zoom. Since you have more resolution you can zoom in digitally can not lose much quality. This allows law enforcement to zoom in on specific facial features, or logos on clothing to make a more compelling case.


Then comes the 2,3,4, and 5-megapixel cameras. These cameras are great cameras. The quality of video coming from these cameras will guarantee that almost no detail goes missing. The bump in resolution from these cameras drastically improve your security ability. And digital zoom becomes more and more efficient. Also, the dynamic range of these cameras will allow more of the image to use, especially if there’s a large difference between light and shadow areas.



Now comes the ultimate security camera. This is for those that don’t mess around with security and believe that they need to able to see everything because what is being protected is of high value or importance. 4k security cameras are quickly becoming more and more popular. 4k is the new thing, the newest TVs and cameras are all coming with 4K and the difference in quality is huge. If you thought that 1080p were sharp and clear, 4K is 4x the resolution, so it’s like having 4x the pixels in the same image. This kind of security cameras are mostly used in government buildings, banks, and other high-value targets. But thanks to the advancement of technology this technology is more and more available to the normal consumer and even mean that you can have this technology in your home or business without breaking the bank. These cameras don’t miss any detail and make the job of law enforcement much easier, so with this technology, you can bring down the person responsible for any crime committed on your property.


Security Camera styles

There are two main styles of security cameras. Bullets and domes. Then come the more specialty cameras such as PTZs and fisheye domes. What are the applications and how many of each should you have in your system that’s installed by security camera installation companies.


Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are the perfect outdoor camera. They’re normally built more weather resistant than dome cameras because they’re specifically designed to withstand heavier weather conditions. Also, bullets are better suited to be placed in higher places because they can be easily adjusted.


Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are normally used indoor, but there are specific units that can be used in both applications. Domes are great because they mostly are vandal-proof. This means that if someone tries to damage the camera it is built to take some damage while still maintaining functions.


Specialty Cameras

PTZs are a great camera to have in your arsenal. Their ability to move automatically when motion is detected is perfect for catching the visual of any possible threat walking or driving by. Also, these cameras are intimidating. When scoping out buildings criminals always go for the easy targets so having a PTZ is a very effective method to show that you’re serious about security.


Superwide vandal domes are great for retail stores or for whenever you want to cover one entire room with one camera. These cameras get you an incredible view of everything happening, and their super high resolution allows you to see everything.  

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security camera installation companies