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Is It Time For An Upgrade?


Damon Delcoro


June 28, 2018


Camera Surveillance SystemHomeowners, business owners, and property owners all understand the importance of surveillance. Without the right security camera surveillance system, the building, its visitors, and the property itself are left defenseless. CCTV security helps to protect assets, people, and properties from crime and vandalism.

The truth is, your level of protection is only as good as the security camera surveillance system in place. In other words, outdated security cameras or faulty surveillance equipment could leave you just as unprotected as having no system at all.

With the constant strides in the advancement of technologies used in security and surveillance, it’s hard to keep up with the changes. So how do you know when it’s time for an upgrade? Here are some tips to help you decide if you’re ready for a new security camera installation at your home or business.

Provides Blurry or Poor Resolution

What sort of security cameras are you using? Do you have a surveillance system that still uses analog security cameras with a resolution of 720p? Have you encountered an event where a criminal got away due to poor quality footage incapable of providing necessary details?

Blurry or poor resolution on your surveillance monitor feeds is the first sign that it’s time for an upgrade. Even if you paid a high, initial investment cost for your security cameras, what is the point of a surveillance system if you can’t actually use it for its intended purpose?

High-resolution IP security cameras are more affordable than ever and come in options fit for any budget. Megapixel technology has reached incredible heights and even the cheapest IP security cameras outperform the best analog security cameras. If it’s a clear, crisp view you’re lacking, look into upgrading your cameras.

No Remote Viewing on Network Connected Devices

The biggest change that our society has seen over the last decade plus is the high level of network-connected mobile devices around us. Just about everyone has a smartphone, tablet, or computer on them at all times now. These devices, when connected to the internet, can access security camera feeds just about anywhere.

If your security camera surveillance system is incapable of being viewed on one of these devices, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Not only is the added convenience of being able to check up on your property beneficial, but remote accessibility also comes with other useful features (like security alarm alerts, motion detection, tripwire, and other notifications).

Remote video monitoring services are another aspect of security and surveillance on the rise. Cameras capable of remote viewing can be monitored by professional security guards to finally achieve a proactive surveillance plan. This is the new norm in perimeter security solutions for gated communities, business properties, and more.

No 2-Way Audio Feature

Another way proactive security solutions are being achieved is by speaking with thieves or criminals using 2-way audio features. Have you ever witnessed an event and felt helpless because you couldn’t do anything besides watch? If your surveillance system doesn’t have a microphone and speaker, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

Security cameras with microphones and 2-way audio are fairly inexpensive and easy to find. Even the popular doorbell cameras utilize this method for scaring off potential burglars and thieves. Don’t give up the ability to do everything you can when something as simple as verbally warning an intruder is equally practical and possible.

Outdated Wired Surveillance System

Wired security cameras and surveillance systems were the norms for both residential and business security not too long ago. Criminals know this and shared easy methods for hacking these systems. Not only does this make all your information more vulnerable to attack, but it also limits the distance you can expand your overall reach.

Wireless network security camera surveillance systems offer a number of benefits that traditional wired systems can’t achieve. They transmit a network signal across an area, making adding more items to the system easier. They are even made for outdoor security cameras now and make hacking the security feed much more difficult.

No More Software Updates

If you have a security and surveillance system that no longer receives regular software updates, it is definitely time to upgrade. These software updates fix important issues that make the system vulnerable to intruders, both physically and digitally. If the software for your system hasn’t received an update in months then it is most likely considered outdated even by the manufacturer.

Most professional security camera surveillance system installation companies now offer customers free apps, too. These apps are useful for a variety of reasons and offer anyone logged in great features to fully realize their system. To learn more, find a local security camera installation company near you and ask them what sort of applications they use.

Get a free security camera assessment from a professional here. Contact a security and surveillance expert at TechPro Security Products to learn more about upgrading your current system.

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