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Perimeter Security System


Damon Delcoro


May 11, 2018


Perimeter Security System

A perimeter security system is now affordable enough for any small business or community to take advantage of. With the recent advancements in smart technology, a new perimeter security system offers more benefits than ever before. And with the overall cost of high definition security cameras way down, keeping what is most important to you safe is in anyone’s surveillance budget. The added ability to cover long distances no longer limits the overall radius and range of your security plan.

Where older perimeter security solutions were only useful after something occurs, smart technology now makes proactive perimeter security possible. Combined with the most advanced remote surveillance monitoring services and techniques, you can stop potential criminals in the act or prevent them altogether. This is a huge advancement and one that companies and communities everywhere are beginning to take advantage of.

Though security cameras are able to monitor your home, business, or property, securing the outer limits can prove to be difficult. For example, the gates surrounding a gated community or commercial property can stretch for miles. Keeping a watchful eye on every inch of these gates would take something of a miracle. Even amateur criminals know this flaw and use the limited resources to their advantage. Should you even notice the perimeter breach, there would be little to you can do. After the fact, you could check your surveillance footage and hopefully find a clear enough image of the perpetrator to identify. But even that might not be possible. Still worse, asset recovery would be even more difficult to achieve.

Our Perimeter Security System Solution

South Florida’s top-rated security installation team TechPro Security Products is proud to announce our complete perimeter security solution. We utilize all the latest innovations in remote surveillance with the most advanced smart security camera technology. By incorporating the stellar live video monitoring services of digital security guards with this surveillance equipment, proactive perimeter security is no longer a fleeting desire.

In the words of our one of our perimeter security solutions experts:

“Whether you are protecting your family, your employees, or your possessions, the most important thing to TechPro Security Products is your safety and well-being. By combining the most up-to-date remote surveillance methods with bleeding-edge security cameras equipped with smart technology, proactive perimeter security is not only very possible but also cost-efficient.

The professional experience and skills training of security guards means whoever is protecting your perimeter takes decisive action the moment he or she is alerted to any suspicious activity. Knowing your perimeter is being watched by a vigilant eye expertly trained in the art of perimeter surveillance is a priceless commodity most business and property owners desire.

In other words, a perimeter security system should be affordable and efficient. Complete perimeter security solutions should be set up for preemptive intervention and decisive action.”

Unfortunately, most larger communities or corporate business centers just do not have the overall power output to make these two things possible. This holds true especially for the most vulnerable properties and communities due to their far-reaching, immense size. This distance could go on for vast distances and might even cover across miles of area. Moreover, the further the distance, the more potential for rough terrain, making it even more difficult to address any power outage problems.

Advanced Perimeter Security Surveillance Equipment

Trees, leaves, bushes, and foliage provide beautiful barriers and picaresque covering. Unfortunately, they also block areas of view and make perimeter security even more difficult. Even unobstructed views can only be covered for limited distances by older security cameras, and the less power also means the fewer cameras you can add to your surveillance setup. Moreover, dark and nighttime environments can cause problems due to these limits in viewing distance. All of this might seem obvious, but these problems persist and still plague perimeter security monitors to this day.

To combat these problems, TechPro Security Products utilizes only state-of-the-art surveillance equipment. We take advantage of all the amazing advancements in CCTV products equipped with smart technology and intelligent features. Some of the products we use include the most advanced wired CCTV systems and wireless IP network surveillance camera systems. And our solar-powered technologies help us to solve any issue with power, further enabling us to get more surveillance for fewer costs.

Thermal imaging technology is another highly innovative feature now available for many different CCTV products. Thermal imaging helps to take care of any potential obstructions caused by foliage and allows security guards to be alerted the moment a heat signature is registered where it shouldn’t be. This military-grade thermal imaging technology allows us to cover the vast distances and see in complete darkness for hundreds of feet and works efficiently even through the trees, leaves, bushes, and foliage cover.

Remote Video Monitoring Services

TechPro Security Products partners with another esteemed leader in South Florida surveillance for remote video monitoring services.  Digital Security Guard is a local security agency that specializes in remote CCTV monitoring and live perimeter security surveillance. They monitor properties from a central location and work closely with local law enforcement and emergency response teams to keep business and properties safe.

Live remote video monitoring is an affordable alternative to physical security guard teams. It is not only more cost-efficient but also ensures reduces emergency response times. A digital security guard uses professional training and skilled intuition to take decisive action the moment a suspicious activity occurs. If you want to learn more about the benefits of live video surveillance monitoring, visit Digital Security Guard.

Free Perimeter Security System Installation Estimates

Call TechPro Security Products to receive a free perimeter security system installation cost or service estimate. One of our perimeter security experts will gladly speak with you about the size of your property and offer any assistance we can. You can learn more about us by visiting our website.

To schedule a free perimeter security assessment or request an estimate, call 561-922-8416.

If you have any other questions that we can help you with, please email us.

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Perimeter Security System