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Perimeter SecurityPerimeter Security for Residential / Business Surveillance

In the last few years, security systems for residential and commercial businesses have become very affordable. These days you are able to protect your assets, family, and property like never before thanks to the advances in high definition security cameras and increasingly low prices. Most older security solutions only protect your immediate properties within a limited radius. In most cases, they will only help you identify a situation after it has happened. They do not proactively deter or stop the situation from happening altogether.

Your immediate home or business may be protected by a camera, but there is rarely a way to secure an area outside of your property. For instance, if you live in a gated community or in a large business park, you have an entire perimeter that maybe unguarded and not very secure. This is exactly what would be thieves look for and how they make their way onto the property. In the case of a perimeter breach, the best to hope for is surveillance footage capturing the crime on camera for later identification. That is, until now.

Complete Perimeter Security Solutions

Renowned Florida installation company TechPro Security Products has now come up with an innovative new way to achieve complete perimeter security. Based in Boca Raton, they have combined state-of-the-art technologies with innovative power sources and live video monitoring done by licensed security guards remotely. Together these features are combined to implement a solution that works in a proactive manner.

As TechPro Security Products explains,

“The latest offerings for surveillance monitoring bundled together with cutting-edge security technologies deliver the ultimate perimeter security at a much lower cost than traditional security guards. Having a security perimeter that you can depend on remaining unbreached and is accountable guards gives you a peace of mind knowing your valuables and loved ones are protected. Perimeter security should be preemptive with swift hands-on measures to ensure all perimeter intrusions are tracked, alerted and responded too in a timely manner.”

The reason that most large communities or business parks are not able to implement complete perimeter security is the simple fact there is rarely enough power available. This is especially true in conjunction with the size of the property or complete area that they are needing to protect. Often these perimeters will span great distances (even miles) and may have a lot of rough terrains.

State-of-the-Art Perimeter Security Equipment

Big trees, bushes, and other foliage often blocks the view of the security cameras and limits the perimeter security. Most modern security equipment and CCTV cameras can only cover a minimal distance. Due to this shortage of power and vast range in distance, traditional security cameras are not a viable option and night vision is hardly (if not completely) possible.

In order to combat these issues, TechPro Security Products uses state-of-the-art security equipment. Our cutting-edge wired CCTV setups, wireless IP network security camera systems, and solar-powered technologies combine to make the impossible possible. We even have a combination of wired, wireless, and solar-powered systems that come with a military grade thermal imaging feature. Now it is finally possible to cover great distances in areas with minimal to no power options (even in complete darkness and through large physical obstructions).

Foot Traffic and Pedestrian Monitoring Technologies

Vandalism can cost a community thousands and thousands of dollars, which is why putting a stop to it immediately is so crucial. Auto-tracking security cameras with long range night vision detect any motion on the street and follow all foot traffic traveling inside your properties. Pedestrian monitoring ensures that visitors welcomed into communities are kept safe and still adhere to the rules put in place. Facial recognition and license plate number recognition cameras auto-track anyone walking in an area at a set time. They are also useful if you have a community nuisance who continually tears up grass or parking areas due to reckless driving.

Live Remote Monitoring and Threat Deterrence

In addition to the perimeter security equipment and advanced surveillance technologies used, TechPro Security Products also implements live surveillance monitoring. Digital Security Guard is a private security agency that provides a live remote video monitoring service for any size property. This means that licensed security guards will be remotely monitoring all cameras, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If any suspicious activity is detected, the remote guard is alerted and contacts the local law enforcement team. They then work closely together and communicate openly to maximize the efficiency of their professional collaboration. Combined, their efforts make sure the thief, vandal, or criminal is apprehended and all assets lost are quickly recovered.

Typically, should someone decide to break into a property and leave it with stolen assets in hand, there wasn’t much you could do. What makes this perimeter security solution complete are its proactive security applications. Identifying the person might help you recover anything stolen or lost, but you wouldn’t know it was happening until well after the fact.

Remote monitoring and virtual guards provide an added threat deterrence to keep unwanted visitors away. Motion detection, missing object, tripwire, and abrupt scene change detection are all advanced features incorporated into most newer perimeter security cameras. Once triggered, these features notify the virtual guards (if they haven’t noticed the activity already), who spring into action immediately.

Professional experience and skilled training give guards the ability to discern the best action to take next. They then track the unwanted guest’s movements while notifying the authorities, monitoring each step they take. And they even have the ability to deter thieves directly by speaking with them via intercom. Alerting them that they are being watched and that local police are on their way is usually sufficient enough to scare even some of the most seasoned criminals away.

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