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How Neighborhood Surveillance Cameras Can Keep Defend Your Community


Damon Delcoro


July 19, 2018


Neighborhood SurveillanceIncreasingly, residential communities across the country are turning to high tech security solutions to supplement their neighborhood surveillance. Obviously, these neighborhoods are turning to this technology for safety and security – but the decline in crime rates and an increase in suspect apprehension has quickly demonstrated their value. In terms of a deterrent, these surveillance systems can help prevent and reduce crime in a neighborhood.

Traditionally, communities and neighborhoods have employed security guards to observe and protect property and life. A neighborhood can employ a twenty-four hours a day security guard presence but this can quickly become very costly and does not guarantee a complete reach of a community. Neighborhood surveillance cameras are a cost-efficient yet high tech solution. Below is a list of the benefits of implementing security cameras in your neighborhood.

A Preventative Measure

The goal of preventing and deterring crime from happening in the first place falls upon a preventative system. A preventative neighborhood surveillance system offers the benefit of preventing crime from happening in the first place. Criminals often will “scope” out a location to learn its security vulnerabilities and how to exploit them. In a survey conducted of burglars, sixty percent said security cameras deter them from committing a crime because these cameras can provide evidence of their actions.

The benefits of deterrence are substantial. Imagine a hypothetical situation in which a criminal scoping out a neighborhood is identified by a security expert observing the cameras. The professional then contacts the police to stop the suspicious individual. When law enforcement arrives, they can question and possibly even arrest the individual. Instead of dealing with the aftermath of a breaking and entering, stop it from ever happening in the first place.

A Twenty Four Hour Guardian

A neighborhood surveillance system provides a constant and unblinking watch over your community. Cameras can be set to record twenty four hours a day with all the footage being easily accessible through an internet connection. A community implementing a security camera system can sleep peacefully at night knowing that their property is under constant vigilance. Only authorized security personnel can access the cameras using most web browsers without the need for expensive and unnecessary software.

Security professionals can also easily share any footage with local law enforcement if necessary. This allows police to quickly identify a suspect or perpetrator and arrest them while also successfully retrieving stolen property. This affordable security solution is not only an effective preventative measure but also a high tech and connected one.

Tips For A High Tech Neighborhood Watch

For decades, communities have organized and used a neighborhood watch that works with local law enforcement to keep our homes protected and our loved ones safe. Just like with every other aspect of our modern life, neighborhood surveillance has leaped and arrived in the Twenty-First Century. Today, a neighborhood watch can use high tech tools and techniques to fortify a community and increase safety. Below are some tips on how to incorporate modern technology to keep your neighborhood safe.

Install Neighborhood Surveillance Cameras Connected to the Internet

Surveillance cameras have been used for a few decades now to keep residential and industrial properties secure. Modern, high-resolution cameras are cheaper than ever before and produce high-resolution images. These waterproof cameras come equipped with night vision and generally sell for ninety dollars. A security expert or neighborhood watch member can authorize only certain people to access the cameras with live streams easily viewed on most web browsers.

The camera’s internet accessibility allows a neighborhood watch leader to set up a DVR on their home computer and save the footage to a hard drive or even a cloud-based service. The high-quality images and footage can then be quickly sent to local law enforcement who can then review it for evidence. Be sure to set aside some of the annual association dues to purchase these advanced outdoor cameras and security items.

Make Your Home A Less Attractive Target For Criminals

Neighborhood surveillance and safety starts at an individual level right at home. There are a variety of easy and affordable things you can do to increase the security around your home and in your community. Add well-placed flood lights to brighten potential hiding places for burglars. Be certain to keep plants and shrubbery trimmed low around doors and windows to prevent the view of your property obstructed. Reinforcing doors with a variety of additions can also prevent the most aggressive intruders from entering.

Maintain A Relationship With Local Law Enforcement

It is important to keep local law enforcement consistently updated with what you are doing to keep your neighborhood safe. An easy way to do this is to invite them to your regular watch meetings or provide login information for your neighborhood surveillance system. When it becomes necessary to report a suspicious person in the community, be sure to send local law enforcement images and footage with date, time and location provided. A relationship with local law enforcement will keep them updated about the safety of your neighborhood.

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