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Avigilon Camera Dealer – Techpro


Joe Shopsin


August 13, 2020


Avigilon Camera

Avigilon Camera Dealer – Techpro Security

Techpro Security Products was already the number one source for CCTV installations and equipment in all of South Florida, and our catalog has just gotten even better now that we are also an authorized Avigilon Camera Dealer. Avigilon is a manufacturer based entirely in North America- who has proven time and again to be at the leading forefront of some of the most in-demand security technologies on the market today. TechPro Security Products’ reputation already proceeds itself, and we are proud to offer Avigilon’s full suite of top-tier security products and solutions, available right now. Read on to learn more about the products and solutions we offer as an Avigilon Camera Dealer, and how this state-of-the-art security technology can bring your home and/or business the peace of mind you deserve.

Video Security – As an Avigilon Camera Dealer, Techpro Security products are able to install any of their suite of super-high-resolution video surveillance equipment. This includes Avigilon’s 7k Cameras and Recorders- technology only available through Avigilon.  This also includes an equally high-tech and featuer-rich monitoring software for CCTV management. Why settle for outdated technology when you could be at the forefront?

AI and Analytics – Even with the sharpest image available simply capturing video isn’t enough. Reactive solutions alone are simply too slow, and in order to obtain a truly acceptable level of security, one needs to be ready to implement proactive solutions. That’s where Avignon’s AI and video analytics come into play. Using some of the most advanced hardware and algorithms in the world, Avigilon tech can help you detect, verify, and act on crucial events in real-time, rather than after the fact. Security isn’t about being the victim, and getting justice -it’s about preventing you from being victimized, to begin with!

Access Control – We are an Avigilon Camera Dealer, but we also carry and install their entire lineup of Access Control products. Using the same level of advanced technology found in their CCTV hardware, Avigilon’s access control solutions provide effortless control for all entry and exit points.

Cloud Services – Why bog down your network with massive amounts of data and traffic? With Avigilon’s Cloud Services ensure secure, remote access to your hardware anywhere in the world without taxing your network speeds.

Techpro Security products as an Avigilon Camera Dealer can provide you the highest quality security available in the world. For more information on how you can achieve maximum security and protection using Avigilon technologies, contact Techpro Security Products today!

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