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South Florida Avigilon Installer- TechPro


Joe Shopsin


August 24, 2020


Avigilon in 2021 with TechPro!

South Florida Avigilon Installer- TechPro

Techpro Security Products is excited to announce its newest partnership as an authorized South Florida Avigilon Installer and Dealer. For several years now Tech pro Security Products has been building a reputation as one of the highest regarding installers of security equipment in all of South Florida. We are known for our top quality assessments which help determine the best product to meet your location’s security needs without sacrificing critical areas or wasting time and money on products that won’t help. Our clients can attest to our prompt service, for quoting, installation, education, and maintenance of our security equipment. Now, as an official South Florida Avigilon Installer, we are able to combine our professional tier installation services with the most cutting-edge, high-tech CCTV and access control equipment available today.

Avigilon Technologies:
Avigilon is an entirely North American Manufacturer of Security Cameras, Recorders, access control equipment, as well as the supporting software and hardware solutions that help maintain and run these security devices. Avigilon is a Motorola Solutions company and has been a leader in security technology since 2004, and the products can be sold only by an authorized Avigilon Installer. They have developed industry-leading technologies that other manufacturers are playing catch up to. For example, Avigilon is the only manufacturer to produce Cameras and recorders that can capture up to 7k resolution. This resolution standard is unheard of in the industry today, primarily due to the amount of data it takes to manage it practically over a network.  Only Avigilon’s proprietary High Definition Stream Management Technology, or HDSM, is capable of making sure this extremely high-quality imaging does not bog down your network.

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As a South Florida Avigilon Installer, we are also able to install advanced AI and Analytics cameras and features as well. the H5A Platform of cameras has the most powerful AI features in the industry. This includes Facial recognition, Self-learning, unusual activity, and motion detection, and more. Avigilon also manufactures a host of incredible access control technologies to keep your location free from unintended entry or exit. There are so many features and technologies its impossible to cover them all. If you’re wondering about how you can get the best security coverage for your location using CCTV, access control, and more- contact TechPro Security products a south  Florida Avigilon Installer today!

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