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Avigilon Dealer – Techpro Security


Joe Shopsin


July 29, 2020


Avigilon in 2021 with TechPro!

Avigilon Dealer – Techpro Security

Techpro Security Products is proud to announce our partnership as an authorized Avigilon Dealer. Techpro is the top installer of Closed Circut Television, Alarms, and Access Control equipment in all of South Florida. Now, as an Avigilon Dealer, we are able to provide the newest, state-of-the-art technology to protect your property like never before. Avigilon is a manufacturer of the most cutting edge network or IP based software and hardware for CCTV equipment available on the market today. All Avigilon products are manufactured in North America. Read on to learn more about this new high tech solution, and what Techpro Security Products can do for you.

7k Performance
As an Aviliglon dealer, Techpro is able to install the brand new, Avigilon 7k H4 Pro camera. This unit is the CCTV industry’s first 7k Camera- that is a whopping 30 million pixels worth of clarity and sharpness.  In fact, the image is of such high quality that in order to take advantage of this camera properly, it had to be implemented using Avigilon Technology’s  HDSM – or High Definition Stream Management 2.0- so that Storage and bandwidth usage is kept astonishingly low.  These cameras join the existing H4 product line, which also currently features 4k, 5k, and 6k cameras as well.

AI and Analytics
Avigilon is the leader in high-tech AI and analytics for CCTV solutions. Here are some of the Artificial intelligence features you can expect from Avigilon hardware:

  • Appearance Search – Find what you’re looking for quickly
  • Facial Recognition – Quick response times by identifying people of interest
  • Focus of Attention  – Initiative information consumption and logging
  • License Plate Recognition – Records and Reads license Plate information
  • Deep Learning Analytics – Learning algorithms capable of analyzing the movements of people and vehicles to change the way video is monitored
  • Unusual Activity Detection – Edge-based AI that can determine unusual activity patterns.
  • Unusual Motion Detection – Can see motion events that might otherwise have been overlooked.


There are many more products and features found within the Avigilon catalog. TechPro security products is able to sell and install Aviliglon Cameras, Recorders, Software, and Access Control hardware. We also provide maintenance and support for these products. for more information on product availability, features, sales, or installation, give us a call to talk to one of our friendly staff today. Tech Pro Security Products- now an official Avignon Dealer


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