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Avigilon Cameras by Techpro Security


Joe Shopsin


August 28, 2020


Avigilon in 2021 with TechPro!

Avigilon Cameras by Techpro Security

Techpro security products are now an Authorized installer and retailer of Avigilon Cameras and Security products. Techpro security is already known as the top installer of security and CCTV hardware in South Florida. Now, through TechPro security, you can protect your home or business with the added power of the technology advantage only possible through Avigilon Cameras and security products. Avigilon is a leader in developing the most cutting edge CCTV and Access control technologies in the world. Based in North America, they produce cameras and equipment that is absolutely unmatched in the industry in terms of sheer quality and interconnectivity. Avigilon Technologies are only available through their authorized partners and dealers, like Techpro Security.  Read on to learn more about Avigilion Cameras and what kinds of amazing and state-of-the-art features you can expect when you choose Avigilon and TechPro.

H5A and H5A Explosion Protection:
H5A cameras are designed with Avignon’s next-generation video analytics. Designed to help focus on critical events and avoid false alerts, the H5a series employs an extremely smart and powerful solution for video-based security. Additionally, Avigilon Cameras provides an Explosion Protection variant that is designed to withstand the potential dangers of working in hazardous areas prone to fire, or explosions.

H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection:
the H4 Thermal Camera is designed with edge-based analytics. this enables it to detect faces, measure the temperature of the inner canthus region, and even notify operators if a subject is flagged with elevated body temperature. This provides a contactless screening method for facilities, to keep employees and occupants safe.

H4 LPC Camera
Avigilon Cameras offers a Licence Plate Camera that is extremely quick and accurate. It is able to capture license plates accurately with vehicles moving at speeds up to 62 mph or 100 km/hr. It features a superbly sharp 3MP resolution and captures at up 30 FPS using its 4.7-85 mm Varifocal lens.

These are just a few of the amazing Technologies offered by Avigilon and Techpro Security, featuring cameras that go all the way up to 7k resolution! For more information on CCTV, or access control equipment services and installations, call TechPro Security Today!

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