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Security Installer- TechPro Security


Joe Shopsin


September 4, 2020


Security Alarm Installation

Security Installer- TechPro Security

The safety and well being of yourself, your property, and that of those around you are important enough that you should consider hiring a professional Security Installer when looking into Security systems for your home or business. There are many aspects that make up a security system, and each of these components is a necessary and integral part of making sure any given location is truly secure. Much of this equipment requires highly specific knowledge, training, and field experience to properly install and configure both properly and safely. This might involve making construction modifications, working with low voltage electrical equipment, or programming networking hardware. All of these are tasks not recommended to be attempted by the novice Sunday DIYer. TechPro security products are the number one Security Installer in South Florida, and we want to make sure you get properly protected the right way.  Read on to learn more about the services we offer, and the products we can install for you to bring your location up to an uncompromising security standard.

CCTV is short for closed-circuit television. This is somewhat dated terminology as ‘television’ signals in the technical sense really aren’t part of CCTV anymore, but the name has become the industry standard. CCTV is the combination of security cameras, and recording devices present at a location recording footage at critical locations. CCTV is important for several reasons. The first being the ability to have evidence to prove fault in accidents or criminal activity. The second is to monitor events live, so personnel like security guards can react.

Access Control
Access control encompasses devices installed on-site that control who can and cannot enter or exit through the various doorways, or gates at any given location. Using a combination of Maglocks, Door strikes, keypads, readers, and computer technology, the management of a facility can register employees and guests for access and control precisely who, when, how, and which access points can be used.

Alarm System
Ana alarm system uses a series of sensors such as door contacts, and motion detectors, to provide protection to the perimeter and/or interior of a location during specified times of the day. this could be when a location is closed such a business, or for when a family is away or asleep in a home. These sensors are usually connected to a series of alarm panels, that in turn are linked to a monitoring center. If the alarm is triggered, the monitoring center can contact you and/or the authorities to react to a potential threat.

Many of these technologies cannot be installed or operated without access to industry-specific data or tools, besides the fact that much of the work requires professional experience to complete. When looking for a Security Installer, don’t trust just anyone- let the Pros handle it! Techpro Security Products, now a proud partner of Aviligon Cameras- made in North America!

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