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Security Camera Systems in Boca Raton


Damon Delcoro


May 30, 2012


Security Camera Systems in Boca RatonCriminal activity is on the rise. More and more people are becoming the victim of a robbery and looking for a way to put an end to the chance of it happening again. It does not matter where you live because criminals are everywhere. They are just looking for the perfect home to strike. Don’t let that be your home. If you are in the market for a security system in Boca Raton, look no further than a wireless surveillance system. There are a lot of benefits to a wireless security system, but there are also a few things that you need to consider before making your final purchase.

Wireless Range

When it comes time to deciding which wireless transmitter and receiver to purchase, you should always opt for one with additional range beyond what you think you are going to need. This is especially true if there are any obstructions along the way. You have to compensate for the additional distance whenever there is something that may limit the signal strength. Most of the companies that sell wireless equipment will test them out to provide you accurate information right from the very beginning. Any reliable dealer will perform consistent testing to make sure that you are able to compare all of the options and choose one with confidence and peace of mind. However, the only way that one can consistently test wireless
equipment is by line-of-sight. With that being said, if your specific needs involve transmitting through any trees, floors or walls, the wireless range will be significantly different than what you may think.

How do you know what the range will be when dealing with obstructions? If the provider is responsible and dependable, they will not be able to give you an exact answer. Most people report that it is about half of the distance quoted when there are obstacles in the way. Make sure that the provider you use can offer you some type of money-back guarantee. In the event a wireless transmitter does not work in your area, you will need to have the peace of mind knowing that you will be able to get your money back. You don’t want to be stuck with a system that is not going to work for your needs.

Digital Security Systems versus Analog Security Systems

Around Boca Raton you will find that most of the wireless video systems are broadcast in analog. They prove to be an invaluable tool when it comes to capturing the video surveillance you need. Some of the newest technology on the market is able to broadcast the signal digitally to help provide a clearer image over the analog gear, not to mention they are a lot more reliable. An analog signal is typically required when there are a lot of devices in your home running on frequencies similar to your security system. Anything from a cell phone, microwave, cordless phones and even Wi-Fi devices can all cause interference with the wireless signal in your security system. They can cause the image to come across as distorted and loaded with audio and visual noise.

Digital based equipment is a lot more reliable than their analog counterparts. It is easy to recognize a digital device because there will not be as much interference along the way. Wireless digital units are generally more compatible with your other household appliances and devices because there is not as much competition for the various frequencies. Additionally, the digital communication that is sent over a standard 802.11 connection has encryption built right into it, which provides you with the safety you need from anyone trying to access your network illegally.

Multiple Frequencies

If you are planning on using a wireless security camera in your Boca Raton home, you are probably going to end up needing more than one to cover the area completely. Make sure that the device you purchase is able to handle multiple frequencies or it comes equipped with more than one channel to choose from. It is fairly common for a wireless device to come with at least four different channels to choose from.

Free of Licensing

A lot of people are not aware that the government regulates everything that goes through the airways. It doesn’t matter if you are a private citizen or someone who owns a business because in the end everything must be ran through the government. In some situations, you may have to have a license before you can begin your operation.

The good thing is that a lot of these devices are available without having to have a license thanks to the PART 15 regulations. As long as your wireless device is in compliance with this regulation, you will not have to worry about any licensing with your device. There are plenty of bulletins out there to help you understand what the government regulations are and to make sure that you are in complete compliance. Most retailers will make sure that their customers are given the proper information on which devices are going to require a license and which ones will not.

Complete Systems

Any security or surveillance system can come in a complete package to make buying a security system that much easier. Not only will you save money on your surveillance system, but you will also have an improved reliability and ease of installation. Your package will come equipped with lenses, cameras, video transmitter and sometimes the infrared illuminators that are designed to work together without any complications. Some packages may even offer you weather resistant housing to handle the weather conditions in Boca Raton with ease. This allows you to install them on the outside of your home or garage without having to worry about them getting ruined.

Common Problems with a Simple Solution

Regardless of what type of system you purchase or how much money you spend, there is always the chance that you are going to experience problems from time-to-time. Most often it is due to lack of signal strength. However, the good thing is that when a situation does arise it is normally a pretty simple solution to resolve it.


RF interference can come from numerous sources, but in the end, the result is always the same when it comes to your wireless signal. It can cause a lot of problems with communication. The primary cause of any interference could be the result of a frequency nearby that you may not even be aware of. One of the quickest ways to help determine what the reason for the interference is can be found by turning the receiver on without actually turning the transmitter itself on. If you notice any symmetrical images appearing, interference is probably the leading cause.

Analog signals are the most prone to any type of interference. Whenever you are using an analog video, you should try using another channel to resolve the problem with interference. If that does not solve the problem, you need to take the unit and exchange it for a different brand that will be able to work with your wireless devices. Fortunately, the digital units will not normally encounter any interference with surrounding devices. Anyone currently using an analog transmitter may need to exchange their device for one of the digital ones to prevent any complications down the road. The upgrade may be well worth it and save you a lot of time and hassles.

Obstructing the View

An obstruction can be anything that gets in the way of your receiver and the transmitter. Considering the number of trees in Boca Raton, this could limit the range for your wireless transmitter. Even though the wireless video can be transmitted through obstructions, there will be a substantial decrease in the range when compared to transmitters with no obstructions around them.

In order to help combat the issue with obstructions, there are a few things that you can do to help limit the problem right from the start, including:

Get the Cameras to Higher Ground

If you think about where the majority of obstructions are located, you will find that they are around six feet high or lower. All you need to do is take your wireless transmitter above the six foot height level and you will notice a dramatic difference in your overall signal strength. For the longer ranges, a higher elevation can be very helpful to combating any terrain or vegetation issues. You also need to keep in mind that the farther distance you place between your receiver and transmitter the larger the transmitter wave needs to be. There should never be a point in time where the wave is large enough to reach ground or other materials.

Hybrid is the Way to Go

One of the best options is to make everything as wireless as you possibly can. Then, when you are all out of wireless options, you can use a hard-wire. Depending on the application, this may be done on purpose. In an elevator, you will notice that there is a wireless transmitter placed at either the top or the bottom of the elevator car. From there the receiver is typically placed at the top or the bottom of the elevator shaft. The receiver is then connected with a cable to connect the recording station into the monitoring station.

Increase the Sensitivity Levels

When the product is coming off of the shelf, the majority of receivers will come with a standard 3dB gain. In order to increase the range, you are going to need a higher gain antenna to help give you the extra gain that you are looking for. Using one of these antennas will help to transform a weak signal into one of great use.

Increase the Power

If you are going to need to penetrate through any obstructions in your Boca Raton home, you will want to make sure you have enough power to handle what you need to do. This is critical in a covert operation where you are trying to determine what is going on without knowing what obstructions may be causing the problem. In order to make sure that you are receiving the most reliable performance around, you will want to purchase the most powerful transmitter you can find.

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