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Security System Installations in Broward


Damon Delcoro


May 24, 2012


Security System Installations in BrowardBroward county is the second most populated county in the state of Florida. The county has a population of 1,748,066 with its county seat, Fort Lauderdale, having a population of 165,521. It is the eighteenth most populated county in the United States. The crime rate in the county went up almost 3.5 percent last year with 4,546 reports for each 100,000 people. The majority of the increase was in property crimes. In Broward county residents reported 18,814 burglaries, an increase of eight percent over the previous year. All residents are urged to install home security systems to help protect their properties.

The 165,521 residents of Fort Lauderdale must think about having a home security system. There is a 1 in 16 chance of a property seeing a property crime. Last year, police in Fort Lauderdale responded to 2,846 burglaries. They also responded to 6,608 reports of theft. The police were also kept busy responding to 671 reports of stolen motor vehicles. Homeowners must take protection into their own hands by installing a home security system. Do not put this off for another day. Instead of going shopping today at the world’s largest outlet mall, Sawgrass Mills, take care of having a home security system installed.

Pembroke Pines is the eleventh largest community in Florida. Over 85% of the residents of this community work in white-collar jobs. Even in this community, property crimes are a problem. Residents have a 1 in 30 chance of becoming a victim of a property crime. Last year, the police responded to 1,107 reports of burglary. They also responded to 3,708 reports of theft. They were also kept busy responding to 314 stolen vehicle reports. Even among these expensive homes, residents must take steps to protect their property from intruders. The first step is to have a complete evaluation of your property done by a home security expert. Take care of this today, before it is too late! In this community, property has been bucking the national trend. Property values have risen 473.83% in the last twenty years. The median house value in Pembroke Pines is $233,487. Make sure to protect your investment well with the best in a home security system. The police department in Pembroke Pines seems more interested in their revolutionary program to reunite lost pets with their owners than in protecting your property. You must take steps to protect your own home.

The 140,768 residents of Hollywood must also take steps to protect their properties. The median house value is $215,106. Yet, many of these residents have taken no steps to protect their homes. Just over 40% of the homes in Hollywood are single family dwellings. If you do not take care of home security issues, no one else will. Now is the time as crime will likely continue to rise. Your likelihood of becoming a victim of a property crime is 1 in 19 in Hollywood. Last year in Hollywood there were 1,837 burglaries. In addition, 4,878 thefts were reported to the police. 643 motor vehicles were also stolen. Make a list of yourself and 19 of your closest friends and family. One of those people will be a victim of a property time. If you become a victim of a property crime, you lose more than property. You lose your peace of mind. Install a home security system today for added peace of mind. Make Hollywood truly the diamond of the Gold Coast by protecting your home and business today. Then you can truly enjoy the Under The Stars series, the Moonlight series and the On the Broadwalk concert series. Of course, you can just enjoy working as Hollywood is ranked as one of the top 10 cities in America for doing business.

The 122,041 residents of Miramar are proud of their city. Yet, problems lie within their city. The average home here is worth $50,289. The residents of Miramar feel safer than residents of other area of the county. They experience a longer commute to enjoy this sense of safety. Yet, this sense of safety is really a mirage. Even here, 1 in 32 experiences a property crime. 1,266 burglaries occurred in Miramar last year. What if one of those burglaries was on your property? The burglars could get away with something you saved months to earn or worse yet, something you could never replace. 2,169 thefts occurred in Miramar last year along with 297 stolen vehicles. Make sure that you protect your property today by having surveillance equipment installed. Miramar’s city slogan used to be the center of everything. That is what your home security system needs to be the center of protecting all your property.

Just a little smaller than Miramar, the 121,096 residents of Coral Springs want to feel safe. Yet, crime is rampant here also. This quickly growing community has a median home value of $58,459. Many of those homes are left unprotected as the residents spend long days in their white-collar jobs. Amazingly, Coral Springs is one of the top cities for the informational technology industry. Yet, many of the residents do not use the latest technology to protect their families and their homes. If your home security system is older than two years, then it is time to consult a professional to see if you need to upgrade your current system. 1 in 40 people in Coral Springs will experience a property crime. Last year, 521 reports of burglaries were made to the police. The police also received 2,262 reports of theft. 182 vehicles were stolen in Coral Springs.

Pompano Beach has many new developments. In these new developments the owners have spent many dollars making sure everything in their new home is just right. Yet, many ignore their home security system. The home security system needs to work with everything else in the home. Many of the 99,845 residents of Pompano Beach living with a median home value of $263,705 seem to ignore this fact.

The well-educated citizens of Plantation may very well be your boss at work. However, many are ignoring the safety of their own homes. 1 in 22 of the residents of Plantation will become a victim of a property crime. Often when this occurs they will ask why they are working so hard, just so a thief can take it all away. In fact, 197 crimes happened for each square mile in Plantation. 782 burglaries were committed last year in Plantation. 2,781 thefts occurred in this white-collar town. 249 people discovered that their motor vehicle was stolen in the city.

Sunrise, Florida is an exciting community to call home. Please do not forget to protect your home with a home security system installation or you may find yourself among the 1 in 20 people who fall victim to a property crime each year. Last year the police were very busy. They responded to 835 burglaries, 3,006 thefts and 188 stolen vehicles. What a disappointment, when it is so easy to have professional security equipment installed quickly and easily.

The process of having a professionally installed security system installed in your home is a very simple one that requires only a few minutes of your time. The first step is to decide what company you want to work with. Look for a company that has been in the area for a while. Look for a company that has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau. Finally, look for a company that is already well established in your area. Ask your friends and neighbors for their recommendations.

Call that security camera installation company and set up a time for them to come to your property. It is necessary for them to do a survey of your property. The company should provide a specific time that they will be at your home. This appointment should be at your convenience. Make sure they show you proper identification before allowing them into your home.

Following their survey, the company will make their recommendations. Make sure that you understand these recommendations. The company should clearly explain why they think each thing is important. For example, what type of camera do they recommend that you use in each location. What megapixel do they recommend the camera be? Why did they choose that particular camera? Do they recommend a wireless or wired system? Did they include smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors? Why did they choose each location? Ask plenty of questions until you are sure that you understand.

After you clearly understand, install the system. Do not hesitate to get started with a great home security system installation. It is vital that you take steps to protect your property today. After all, a thief steals more than property. They steal your peace of mind. The gift of a home security system installation protects your peace of mind. The police are doing all they can, but they need your help to protect your loved ones and your property. Please invest in a great system today before it is too late.

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