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Home Security Installation in Ft Lauderdale


Damon Delcoro


May 30, 2012


Home Security Installation in Ft LauderdaleIs your company moving you to Ft. Lauderdale? Are you very concerned because you have read that 97 percent of American cities are safer than Ft. Lauderdale? Have you also read that last year 92 crimes happened for each square mile of the city? Are you very concerned about the safety of your family because you know that the chance of becoming a victim of a crime in Fort Lauderdale is 1 in 16? Are you concerned about buying property in Fort Lauderdale, because you know that 1 in 28 properties becomes a crime scene? The truth is that all these statistics are correct. There are powerful steps that you can take to protect your home and your family from the 2,846 burglaries, 6,608 thefts and 671 motor vehicle crimes that occurred in Fort Lauderdale last year.

The first step that you can take is to move your family to a safe neighborhood. The safest neighborhood in Ft. Lauderdale is the neighborhood that lies between North Rio Vista Boulevard and South Rio Vista Boulevard. It includes the land from South Federal Highway and West City Avenue to Ponce de Leon Drive. This part of the city is part of the Broward Independent School District. Since 1990 properties in this neighborhood have appreciated almost 74 percent. The area includes the Landings, Lake Estates and Bay Colony. Families considering moving into this neighborhood are mostly wealthy, although there are some college students living in the area. The majority of homes in this area are priced between $79,001 and $157,000. The second largest group of homes in this area is priced between $157,001 and $314,000. When you are buying in this neighborhood, it is important to install a great home surveillance system to protect your investment.

The second safest neighborhood in Ft. Lauderdale is affectionately known as Harbor Beach. These homes surround Lake Sylvia. The homes surround Harbor Beach Marriot Resort and Spa, Lago Mar Resort and Club and Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six. If you have children that will attend public school, they will attend the Broward Independent School District. Homes in this area have appreciated 114 percent since 1990. 21 percent of the homes in this neighborhood are valued between $157,001 and $314,000. Another 19 percent of the homes in the Harbor Beach neighborhood are worth between $471,001 and $629,000. 18 percent of the homes in this neighborhood are valued between $314,001 and $471,000. This neighborhood is listed as a top neighborhood for retirees who enjoy the fact that the neighborhood can easily be walked. Many people rent in this neighborhood. The average rent in this neighborhood is $1,260. If you are going to move to this neighborhood, make sure to protect what is yours with a home security system that will protect your property. Work with a professional to determine if a wireless or wired security system is right for your home. If you are renting in Harbor Heights, then work with a professional home security expert to determine the system that is right for you, that can be moved when you move.

Lauderdale-By-The-Sea and the Sea Ranch neighborhoods are the third safest in Fort Lauderdale. These homes surround Lake Senaca or lie just to the south of the lake. 37 percent of the homes in this neighborhood are valued between $157,001 and $314,000. Another 24 percent of the homes in this neighborhood are valued between $314,001 and $471,000, with a median real estate value of $388,085. Residents enjoy hearing jazz music on the city square each Friday night. They also enjoy other forms of music on the city square every Saturday night. The neighborhood is part of the Broward B-station cycle program. This allows residents to pay a small yearly membership fee, check out a bicycle and ride it on errands. Residents can then return the bike to any B-station location. Protecting the bike is important while it is in your custody, so is protecting your home. It is important to talk to a professional home security expert about protecting your property. Make sure that expert comes to your location and completes a needs survey. Then act on the recommendations of that survey. Do not hesitate to ask questions until you completely understand how the security system works. Many homes with security systems do not regularly use them, because they do not understand how they work.

The neighborhood known as Southwest Ranches is the fourth safest neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale. The homes here have some of the most expensive home values in the United States with a median home value of $415,713. Properties in this neighborhood have appreciated almost 99 percent since 1990. Hawkes Bluff Elementary School is located in this district. 875 students are taught by 53 staff at this school. The school has a 14 to 1 student to teacher ratio. Ms. Melinda Cunningham is the school’s principal. Parents love the education their children receive at this school. You need to provide that same amount of care for your children at home by providing them with a home security system. Make sure the system will alert you when trouble may be occurring. Rest assured that a home security system will help protect your family. Homes with a median value of $415,713, often includes multiple outbuildings. This is true of the homes in the Southwest Ranches neighborhood. Make sure that your home security system includes coverage the best coverage by consulting an expert. Many advances are made each year in technology for home security systems, do not rely on yesterday’s technology to protect your family.

The median home value for the fifth safest neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale is $372,601. The neighborhood is the executive neighborhood of Weston. Weston is home to several schools including Cypress Bay High School. This school is often rated as one of the top public high schools in the nation. The school has approximately 3,980 students in grades 9 through 12. Many students from this high school go on to attend prestigious universities such as Harvard, Duke, Yale and Princeton. Middle school students have the opportunity to attend Tequesta Trace Middle School and Falcon Cover Middle School. You expect the school to provide top-notch security for your child when they are at school. The child has the right to expect that same protection from you at home. An important part of that security includes a great home security system. Home security systems are not all created equal. Therefore, when choosing a home security system for your property it is important to consider several key factors.

The first factor to consider is the reputation of the company. Regardless of your Fort Lauderdale neighborhood, take a drive around town and look for signs that tell you what company provides security for that property. This will give you a starting point in determining what company others in your neighborhood are using. Talk to the locals about what they like and dislike about each company. Each company has their strengths and weaknesses. Check with the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce about complaints about a particular company. Unfortunately, some home security system companies have a bad reputation. Narrow your list down to two or three choices and invite those companies to your property to give you an estimate. During the consultation look for a company that offers a warranty. A great home security system company should be willing to warranty their system for at least a year.

Ask plenty of questions during the consultation. The consultation may recommend several different types of cameras for your home. Some examples that might be recommended are spy cameras, dome cameras, ptz cameras and box cameras. Make sure that you understand the basics of each camera type. Then look at the specifics for the camera being recommended. If the camera is to be used outside, then look for a camera that is weatherproofed against the rain that falls in the Fort Lauderdale area. During the consultation, the company representative should explain why you need each camera. Ask about image quality from the camera. Ask about the recording device on each camera. Ask about interference from other household appliances. Make sure that the cameras will work with other technology in your home. Know how the system will be monitored. Ask about combining the system with fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Find out if the company recommends the installation of other things such as additional lighting.

After you have carefully listened to each presentation, then do your own research. Make sure that you agree with what the company is recommending. Understand why each type of camera is being used. Ask yourself if there is a better alternative. The Internet is full of information on the different camera types. Do your own research.

After you have arrived at the correct solution for your property, the next step is to sign the contract. Ask the company if you decide to move if the system can be moved with you. This is especially important for renters. Ask about the costs associated with upgrading your system in the future.

Finally, but quickly, have the home security system installed. Make sure that all components of the system are working properly. Make sure you understand how to operate the system.

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