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Home Security Systems for Atlantis Florida Mansions


Damon Delcoro


April 3, 2013


Home Security Systems for Atlantis Florida MansionsIf you own a beautiful mansion in Atlantis, Florida, you are probably dedicated to keeping it up as well as possible. Not everyone is able to purchase a big and beautiful mansion, so your mansion is certainly something that you should be proud of. Therefore, it is important for you to do what you can to protect it. Along with making sure that it is covered by a good homeowner’s insurance policy and keeping up with all of the necessary repairs in and around the home, it is also essential for you to install a home security system.

Lots of people have home security systems, regardless of the size of their homes. If you have a mansion, however, it is essential for you to install the best home security system that you can. These are just a few of the components that you should look for when searching for home security systems for Atlantis Florida mansions.
Purchase a State-of-the-Art Burglar Alarm

Many homes have burglar alarms, and you are taking a big risk if you don’t have one installed in your mansion. However, you shouldn’t just purchase the first burglar alarm that you come across, and you probably don’t want to rely on one of the cheap and unreliable systems that can be found at a mass market retail store or an electronics shop. Instead, you should shop for a burglar alarm that you can purchase from a professional. These alarms are often made of better-quality materials and work better for their purposes, and you can also seek monitoring services with these devices.

There are a lot of benefits to having a nice burglar alarm in your Atlantis, Florida mansion. You can place sensors on all of the doors that enter your mansion, and you can even place them on windows. You can also set them up on the door to your garage or another area of your property. These sensors will set off an alarm in the event that someone enters a door or window that they shouldn’t, and you can also seek monitoring services; if you have these services, your monitoring company will be alerted when your alarm goes off. Then, the company can contact the local police department or other authorities in the event of a burglary or they can contact the fire department, rescue squad or another emergency service in the event that you need it.
Utilize Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Keeping a close eye on your property is an essential if you want to keep your mansion and the lawn that it sits on in good condition. Therefore, you should consider installing surveillance cameras outdoors that will capture surveillance footage of everything that happens on your property. You can set these surveillance cameras up around the exterior of your home, your driveway and more. It is also a good idea to keep surveillance cameras near your garage, tool shed and any other area of your property where you keep vehicles, expensive tools, lawn equipment and other property that might be prone to be stolen.

When choosing outdoor surveillance cameras, make sure that you choose the right cameras for your property and that you install them correctly. If you will be taking surveillance footage of dark outdoor areas, for instance, you will need a camera that has infrared technology or that can switch back and forth from night to normal vision automatically. You should also make sure that your cameras are installed in a way that they cannot be easily tampered with by a potential criminal. For instance, you might want to consider installing wireless cameras around your mansion instead of the type that use wires; these cameras cannot be as easily tampered with because there are no wires to cut. You should also consider installing your cameras up high where they can’t be easily reached, such as on a tree or a tall pole where they cannot be easily reached.

Ensure That You Have Ample Lighting

Keeping the area outside of your mansion well-lit is important for all sorts of security-related reasons. First of all, many people do not realize that lights can actually help deter crime. Having your property well-lit, however, can send criminals scurrying in their tracks and in search of a property that doesn’t have quite so many lights. Therefore, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by setting up lights and deterring burglary and other crimes.

Setting up lighting can also help ensure that you are able to pick up good surveillance footage with your outdoor surveillance cameras. They are especially essential if you have cameras that do not have infrared technology.

Install Indoor Surveillance Cameras

Many people skip the indoor surveillance cameras and simply set up cameras outdoors, but it is always a good idea to consider installing these cameras. You can set up cameras near the entrances and exits of your home, or you can hide hidden nanny cameras anywhere in your home where you would like to see what is going on without being detected. This can be an especially good idea if you hire outside help to do things in your home, such as nannies and babysitters or maids and other workers.

If you have children in the home, it is an especially good idea for you to consider installing hidden nanny cams. These cameras can help you make sure that your babysitter or nanny is taking proper care of your child, and they can also help you monitor your little one’s behavior. You can also make sure that your babysitter or nanny isn’t mistreating your child, stealing your property, breaking the rules that you have put into place or otherwise causing problems.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors can be very handy devices if you want to keep your mansion safe from burglars. By setting up motion detectors with lights — or alarms if necessary — you can help catch those who might be walking around your property and thinking about committing a crime. Installing motion lights is also a quick, inexpensive, easy and highly effective way of deterring crime and literally catching would-be criminals in their tracks, before they have the chance to burglarize your home or commit other crimes.

Trim Your Trees

Many people don’t realize that the plants that they have around their homes can compromise their homes’ safety and security, but it is important for you to keep a close eye on your plants. Trees that are too tall might provide a criminal with a surprisingly easy way to access the windows on the upper floors of your mansion, and bushes and shrubs that are overgrown and are close to the house can provide thieves and other criminals with places to hide while attempting to burglarize your home or commit other crimes.

Hire Security

Hiring security is always an option, especially if you are particularly concerned about yourself and your family or your mansion and the property that you keep inside and around it. It can be costly to hire guards to patrol your premises, but you might decide that doing so is well worth the money. If you are interested in hiring security guards, make sure that the individuals that you hire are well-trained and experienced and that they work for a reputable security company. If you are interested in acquiring a security system to protect your precious investment, contact us today for a free consultation.