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State of the Art Security Systems for Malls and Shopping Centers in South Florida


Damon Delcoro


April 3, 2013


State of the Art Security Systems for Malls and Shopping Centers in South FloridaAll stores are different in terms of the amount of merchandise they offer and their overall size, but a few things remain consistent in all of the locations. Every store is going to have a point of entry, sales floor and point of entry. When you place a security camera near areas that are unguarded and have a high amount of traffic, you will help to minimize the amount of crimes that take place in your business. For those who have a security system installed in their business, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that any employee theft and shoplifting are going to be recorded on camera.

Entry and Exit Points in Your Store

Mount a video security camera near the entry and exit points of your business to help monitor the flow of customers and employees into and out of your business. Using this location will help to provide you with a clear line of sight for anyone who enters into your establishment. Using a high quality video, you will easily identify and recognize any faces for evidence to the proper authorities.

Cash Registers

Since your cash register is one of the most important areas in your business, you will want to ensure it is being monitored around the clock. When you have an employee that is dishonest, they will end up stealing directly from your cash register without even thinking twice about it. For those who own their own businesses, you cannot be there every moment of the day to ensure nothing is going on in your absence. You have an alarming amount of responsibilities already, so you need something that is going to help make the job of owning your own business a little easier.

A retail camera should be positioned above your cash registers to help monitor all of the transactions that occur at the point of sale in your business. Everything from refunds, transactions and counting of the money will be recorded on camera, so you will be able to rest assured that everything is being handled accordingly. If you are looking to catch employees who you believe are sweethearting, a security camera positioned directly above the scanner may be the perfect solution for your business needs.

Sales Floor

Always ensure you have at least one security camera on your sales floor at all times. Based upon the size of your establishment, you may need an adequate number of cameras to help ensure your business is protected. If you have areas that are inadequately lit or difficult to see, you will want to ensure you have cameras monitoring those locations around the clock. Shoplifters will tend to congregate toward a location that doesn’t have a large amount of customer service or those that have minimal visibility inside of the stores.


Most of the time, a thief will toward to migrate toward a warehouse to steal your cargo and inventory. Last year alone, more than $425 million worth of cargo was taken from warehouses, docks and loading trucks. When you have a security camera mounted on beams, main ceilings and drop ceilings to help monitor everything in your space, you will be able to oversee your inventory and ensure it stays in place for a long time to come.

Parking Lots

If you have a store with its own individual parking lot, you will want to ensure a security camera is placed into the space to monitor anyone coming into or out of your location. It is not all that uncommon for people to break into cars in the parking lots of stores, which is why it is imperative that you protect your customers and employees at all costs. For those who have a network video system in place in your parking lot, you will be able to identify license plates of those who broke the law. If the perpetrator has fled the scene of the crime, you will have the evidence to help local law enforcement officials catch the criminal and bring them to justice.

Benefits to the Installation of a Security Camera

Installing a surveillance camera provides you with a number of benefits as a business owner. Just having a security camera in place will help to strengthen your business. Some of the other benefits to owning a security system are outlined below:

• Discounts from Your Insurance Company – When you have a retail store that is equipped with security cameras, it doesn’t seem like as much of a target to perpetrators. Various insurance companies provide you with a lower rate for those who have a security system already in place.

• Workplace Safety – Beyond being able to minimize the amount of theft in your business, a security camera will also help make the workplace safer for all employees. You will also be able to scour the floor for any potential safety hazards. Slip and fall accidents seem to happen on a regular basis, but they can be reduced when you have security cameras monitoring the areas. This way if an employee or customer tries to come after your business for injuries, you will be protected against any false claims.

• Reduce the Amount of Vandalism and Theft – A petty criminal is a lot less likely to try to steal from your business if they know they are under continual surveillance. You will want to take action by placing the cameras into a location where thieves are a lot more likely to try to steal from in your business. Aisles with low visibility and bad lighting are great locations for placing your security cameras.

• Analytics for the Customers – Many of the security cameras today come with features built into them that allow you to count the number of people who come into your establishment, monitor loiters, detect crowds and manage ques. When you leverage your security system with the power of technology and intelligence, you will be able to maintain a business that is successful and thriving.

• Access from a Remote Location – When you make the switch to a network video, you will want to have remote access to your security system. One of the biggest advantages is that you will not have to worry about being at your business all the time. You can access all of the security cameras remotely from any device that has Internet capabilities.

• Scalability – For those who use IP video, you will be able to view, record and manage all of your security cameras on one network without ever having to worry about managing the networks on their own. You can add cameras onto the network when you desire, regardless of whether you are in your current location or a new one.

• Superior Level of Performance – Thanks to the intelligence built into the system, advanced number of functions and superior image quality, network video cameras are definitely a smart choice. Using an analog video camera will not have the megapixel resolution that you desire, which is going to limit the detail and quality in your images.

Regardless of what your business needs are, you want to ensure your assets and employees are protected. Take the time to look at all of the different avenues and choose the camera that works best for your storefront. Contact us today, we can help you protect your bottom line and all of your personal property with some of the state of the art technology on the market today.