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Best Security Camera Systems for your Lantana Florida Apartment


Damon Delcoro


April 3, 2013


Best Security Camera Systems for your Lantana Florida ApartmentIn the retail industry today, countless business owners lose billions to shoplifting and employee theft. When you invest in a video security system for your business needs, you will reap a number of long-term benefits that you may never have thought of beforehand. Your retail shrinkage will decrease, store profits will become maximized, insurance rates will decline and the amount of theft cases will continue to shrink. Installing a security system in your business will help promote a safer store that invites people to come in and shop.

Given the number of different technologies on the market today for IP cameras, it is imperative that you determine the type of security system you need for your retail outlet. Consider some of the following questions to help you make an informed decision:

• Do you need the cameras to be placed inside or outside of your establishment?

• Where are the weak spots in your store?

• Does your store have any areas that do not have ample lighting?

• Is there a section or an aisle in the store that is more difficult to detect than other areas?

Common Types of Retail Crimes

It seems as if more and more retail owners struggle with the impending threat of employee theft and shoplifting. An IP camera system will be able to help minimize any theft like shoplifting and organized crime. Employees and shoplifters who are aware of your security cameras will not be as apt to steal or engage in otherwise unauthorized activities. A retail camera will help you to identify the individual who is responsible for committing the crime with a clear, vivid image that will help law enforcement officials identify the perpetrator.


More than $13 billion in merchandise is stolen every year from retail outlets. When you think of that amount in terms of how much is lost every day, it breaks down to $35 million every day that business owners lose. For those who have been shoplifting for quite some time, it can be difficult to catch the individual. The installation of a security camera is a lot cheaper than that of an expensive security officer. Not only are you going to save thousands of dollars every year in business profits, but also the cameras are one of the best methods for catching the shoplifter in the act.

Employee Theft

Regardless of how many interviews and background checks you conduct on your employees, there is no way to guarantee that your employee is not going to steal from your business. Videos make it easy to identify any instances of employee theft, so that way you can terminate the individual perpetrators employment quickly, press charges and work to recover any potential losses for your business.


Plenty of retail employees will provide discounts to their family and friends, even though the discount is not authorized. They will either avoid scanning an item or key in a wrong number during the transaction. Most of the time, it is extremely difficult to catch sweethearting in the act. Employees have mastered the art of discretion in selling a discounted or free product at the register. A retail security camera will help you to catch the employee while they are in the act and ensure you are able to respond as the incident is occurring.

Flash Rob Theft

Even though this is one of the newest forms of theft on the market today, it seems to be one of the biggest problems in metropolitan areas today. It seems as if flash rob thefts are making their way from one city to the next. A large group of young adults or juveniles will end up raiding the store and stealing products in the process. While on their spree, the perpetrators will break and throw products, yell, threaten others and present an extreme amount of danger to employees and customers inside of the store. As a business owner, you will want to avoid trying to use physical force or intervene with these violent robberies. If you have a retail camera in place, it will help law enforcement officials take control of the incident and correctly identify those who committed the crime.

Organized Retail Crime

Across the United States, countless underground rings are set up to shoplift items from business owners. Members of this ring will often end up walking into the store casually, while grabbing products that are high in value and studding them into bags or carts. They then exit the store and take off with their getaway driver costing the store a large amount of loss in the process. The business owners may not realize there is an issue until they notice the items that are missing from their establishment. A retail camera will be able to record all of the progress of the thief entering and exiting the store, which allows the police to identify the individuals and give chase in an attempt to prevent the ring from operating in the area.

Choosing Your Security Camera

Countless options are available from which you can choose for your new retail security system. Depending on the type of business you have, one camera may work better than another may. Make sure you choose the type of camera that will help ensure your business is properly protected continually. The last thing you want is to lose money from others stealing from your establishment.

Countless options exist for the body style in your security camera. If you are worried about aesthetics, a dome camera may be the perfect solution for your needs. Since they are more compact, sleeker and lighter, you will love the various benefits they have to offer your business. You have the option of choosing from a smoked or clear covering, but the differences will all depend upon the direction you plan on having the lens face. If your main goal is to have customers recognize the cameras upon entering into your store, choose a bullet, vandal dome or box camera.

Cameras that are capable of recording images during the daytime and nighttime viewing hours are great for environments that do not have the best lighting conditions. Once your retail store has closed for the evening, you will be able to rest assured that everything is safe and secure inside of your building. Parking lots, warehouses and the inside of your building are all safeguarded with one of these cameras in place.

Some of the cameras today come with a housing that is resistant to vandalism. For many criminals, they try to eliminate the threat of any cameras from recording their every movement. If you have the protective housing in place, they will not stand a chance at disabling your security system and robbing you blind. Since the intruder is not going to have access to the lens, you will be able to rest assured that the entire incident is caught on tape. Regardless of the extent of damage and abuse the dome takes, your camera will be safely mounted inside.

The main thing you want to determine is what type of camera is going to work the best for your business. Look through the various options and determine the best avenues for protecting your retail store. Don’t allow yourself to become the victim of a robbery gone badly. Choose the perfect camera for all of your video surveillance needs and help to protect your bottom line from potential vandalism, employee theft, shoplifting and much more. Contact us today for a free estimate.