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Why Does Professional Security System Installation Matter?


Valentina Delcoro


May 12, 2020


Affordable Security Products in Florida

There are many online security product retailers who will tout their equipment as ‘Plug-and-Play’ or great for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. It is true, there are many DIY security options available. So why spend extra to have your security system professionally designed and installed? There are actually many reasons and some of them can save you hundreds of dollars. TechPro Security is Florida’s #1 professional security system installation company for both residential and commercial surveillance. Our CCTV experts will explain how a professional install can make or break your security system. 



The equipment you choose is crucial to the functionality of your system. With so many options online, it can be extremely difficult to figure out which products are quality and will best serve your purposes. TechPro Security has been in the security business for nearly 15  years. We are true security tech enthusiasts and always have the most up-to-date knowledge of the industry. Instead of spending hours researching only to still possibly purchase the wrong equipment, call TechPro. We provide free security assessment, and can easily work within your budget to pick the best equipment for your needs. 



The design of your security system is just as important as the equipment you choose. By strategically placing your cameras, TechPro can optimize your system and save you money. By choosing the right equipment and placing it properly, you can monitor wider areas with less. Our team is also highly skilled in recognizing potential obstructions or problems, such as a tree that will grow into the field of view, and will design your system to avoid these roadblocks. There is no need to plaster every surface of your property with its own camera. We will make sure that you get the coverage you need, without wasting money. 



CCTV technology is pretty complex, so there are many things that can go wrong if not properly installed. To ensure the safety of yourself, your property, and your equipment, go with professional security system installation. Our technicians are comfortable working with the electrical components of a security system and have the proper accessories to keep themselves safe. They also know how to install each camera without causing excessive damage to your property. We will make sure to place your cameras properly the first time so you are not left with any unsightly scarring on your building. Finally, we will take care to not cause any damage to your delicate cameras or recorders. This is important for the warranty of your products, as damage caused by improper use renders it invalid. Don’t take any risks and leave it to the experts at TechPro. 



Sometimes, your surveillance needs will grow and change. TechPro knows this and designs every system with scalability in mind. This is beneficial in two ways. First, we are able to provide you with powerful equipment that can connect with hundreds of cameras and dozens of recorders. This is great for projects that are physically growing in size, such as HOA communities or a company purchasing an adjacent warehouse. Many times, if not set up correctly, it can be difficult to integrate more equipment into a system. TechPro keeps this in mind from the start. You will not need to have multiple separate systems running to cover the same area, and can access everything in one easy portal. 

Security technology is always evolving. We know that customers may want to incorporate more advanced technology into their systems down the road. We will recommend products and designs that do not limit you to outdated technologies. With our Hybrid DVRs and powerful NVRs, you will be able to add new specialty cameras and accessories in the future with no hassle. 



If you take a look at our services, you will notice that we do much more than just install cameras. The world of security tech now extends far beyond just surveillance, and TechPro has the expertise to integrate your system with a variety of other systems and features. We make sure to work with industry-leading equipment which allows for easy communication with other security products. One of your most popular additions for commercial purposes is access control. This allows a business owner to not only monitor their property but control who can enter as well.

We also provide supplementary services, such as landscape lighting. This is something that a homeowner who is DYing their system might never think of. But the experts at TechPro know that a properly lit home is almost as effective against crime as the security system itself. It is this expertise that will allow a professional security system installation company to take your system from serviceable to the ultimate security solution.  


We offer advanced analytics, smart home install, outdoor audio/video, and security alarm services as well. 


Comprehensive Training

These days, security systems often come with dozens of built-in features and advanced analytics software. However, if the system admin does not know how to access or activate them, these key features become useless. Your TechPro installers will make sure that you feel 100% comfortable navigating your new system as soon as it is installed. We also pair our equipment with a user-friendly access portal, to make remote viewing and video scrubbing a breeze!


Ongoing Support

Due to the outdoor nature of many security systems, even the best equipment is bound to have a problem every now and again. When purchasing cameras online, it can be easy to get stuck with a manufacturer who is overseas and offers very little support. TechPro Security, on the other hand, has a 100% USA based tech support team to help you troubleshoot any issue. Our Support team is available to TechPro customers Monday-Friday from 9 am- 6 pm EST.


Whether you are looking for a simple two camera system or a sprawling security behemoth, TechPro has everything needed to create the perfect surveillance system for you.  Contact our team today for your free assessment and see the difference professional security system installation can make.

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