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How To Choose Camera Surveillance Installers


Valentina Delcoro


June 1, 2020


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In every industry, there are ways that the leaders of the pack distinguish themselves. The security and surveillance industry is no different, and Techpro has established itself as one of the leading Florida camera surveillance installers. Out of our Boca Raton offices, we provide a variety of surveillance, access control, and audio/video services. Take a look at some of the ways we set ourselves apart from our competitors. 

Access To The Best Equipment


Advanced IP Solutions

IP, meaning Internet Protocol, equipment is quickly becoming the new standard in the world of CCTV Technology. It touts benefits in range, image quality, processing ability, and scalability. Not to mention seamless remote viewing. Techpro Security has a variety of IP based options to ensure you receive the most useful system for your needs. If you are looking for a new security install, we offer free security assessments. Our experts will keep your needs, budget, and landscape in mind to come up with the perfect solution to your individual needs. Some of the specialty systems we offer include full-color nighttime imaging, body temperature detection cameras, and radar enforced speed cameras.  


We can also be of great help to those looking to upgrade an existing system. We work with and are trained in many other CCTV technologies including analog, HDTVI, HDCVI, and ADH. With our in-depth knowledge of both your existing equipment and updated wishlist, we can recommend the best course of action for upgrading your system and executing it to perfection. Specialized equipment like our hybrid DVRs allows you to incorporate newer and more advanced tech without having to completely scrap your existing network. 


Leading Manufacturers

At Techpro, we know that by no means is all security equipment created equal. We have used our decades-long presence in the industry to learn about the most reliable and cutting edge manufacturers. Through extensive field testing and research, we have found the best of the best in both quality and support. To benefit our customers, we have built outstanding professional partnerships with these leading brands to bring you superior service and maximum savings. 


Security Experts

Security equipment is rapidly evolving and quite complex. So while many people can learn the basics of installation, it is another thing entirely to master it. Techpro Security has proven ourselves to be true security masters with a staff committed to excellence in both knowledge and service. Everyone- from our sales team to our camera surveillance installers to our tech support gurus- is an expert in their niche. 


What makes us different from the rest? Why will you see a notable difference in our team? We only hire true security enthusiasts! Surveillance and security is one of the most rapidly developing technologies in the world. Our employees are eager to learn and be a part of these developments, and this enthusiasm keeps us more informed and helpful to our clients. 


Simple Integration 


These days, nearly every aspect of our home has a “smart” counterpart on the market. There are devices to upgrade your lights, doorbell, thermostat, appliances, gate and garage, and even ones that act as digital virtual assistance. However, a problem can arise when you begin using each of these apparatuses. Many of them are designed with only its function and software in mind. They all come with their very own operating systems that will not be able to communicate with each other. This leads to a loss in user-friendliness and you end up complicating what you were trying to simplify in the first place!  


This is why TechPro Security offers integrated solutions for security, access control, audio/ video networking, and smart home installations. Our team will work to create a system that addresses all of your needs in the most streamlined manner. Using sleek centralized control systems or phone apps, you will be able to easily manage your home’s security, access, AC, and a variety of appliances. 


Resources To Get The Job Done

Techpro Security has been in the business for over 10 years and has been steadily growing in size, range, and client trust in our community of South Florida. We are uniquely equipped to handle installations of nearly any size. Many businesses have trusted us with their commercial surveillance design and installation. We have the experience to seamlessly install hundreds of cameras and thousands of feet of network cabling in the most effective fashion. Hoa communities, shopping centers, medical campuses, government facilities, and office buildings have all entrusted us with the important task of securing their property. 


We also know that no job is too small, and will always put the same level of enthusiasm and expertise into residential installs. Techpro takes pride in protecting your most valuable financial asset and your families. We make sure to do the install properly the first time to disturb your architecture and day-to-day as little as possible. Our team will take the time to assess and potential future problems, such as landscaping that may grow and become an obstruction. We can also speak about your future security goals to leave room for expansion and upgrades if need be. 


Support For The Life Of Your Products 


One of the unfortunate truths of most technology is that you are bound to encounter problems every once and awhile. This may be due to physical damage from things like weather and water or may be a networking problem. We do not want our clients to be left in the dark should one of these issues arrive. That is why we have a fully US-based support team to assist you. Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. We will begin with an assessment over the phone/ internet assessment to figure out the exact problem. Our mobile fleet has a two hour response time, ensuring that an expert will be on-site quickly and your assets are not left unprotected. If damage to your equipment is the issue, you can send it back for a full repair or replacement to the extent of your warranty. 

As mentioned above, we are also lucky to partner with some of the leading surveillance equipment manufacturers. Our in house tech support team works closely with their corporate support to make sure that the most highly trained eyes are working on your system. 


Techpro Security

As you can see, Techpro leaves no stone unturned in our quest to be the premier camera surveillance installers in South Florida. Contact Us today to request a free assessment of your property or to speak with one of our sales representatives!

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