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Valentina Delcoro


April 15, 2020


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Working with experienced surveillance camera installers has many benefits and can turn what could be a frustrating and complex process into a very smooth one. TechPro Security Products knows that with our help, you will love your security solution for many years to come. Here are some ways in which TechPro Security can assist you.

Choosing The Proper Equipment

When it comes to choosing security equipment, the options are nearly endless nowadays. It can be rigorous to sift through all of the choices available and determine what will serve you best. This is compounded by the fact that the security world is full of its own jargon and acronyms. It can take hours of research to simply begin to understand the different equipment, let alone figure out which you prefer. One of the major advantages of working with professional surveillance installers from the start is that we will be able to quickly assess your needs and steer you in the right direction. With hundreds of hours of hands-on security experience, we can listen to your requirements and “prescribe” the technology that would best fit that niche. 

Here is a quick introduction to types of CCTV technology you’ll come across, but please feel free to reach out to our expert design and installation team to get their take on your ideal security solution. 


Cameras have evolved quite a bit in the last few years. Traditional CCTV cameras are called analog cameras and are run using coaxial cable. Analogs evolved to provide HD images and the resulting technology was called HDCVI and HDTVI. These are still wired using coaxial cable. Newer cameras usually fall into the IP category, which means each camera has its own IP address and processes its own footage. IP cameras are becoming more and more affordable and are most compatible with new accessories and software entering the market.  


Depending on the type of cameras you decide upon, you will need to choose a compatible recorder. With traditional analogs, you will need a DVR (which stands for digital video recorder). This recorder will process and store the footage from your analogs. Because analog and HDCVI/HDCVI use the same types of cables, many people will choose to integrate HD cameras into their existing analog systems. To do this, you will need a hybrid DVR capable of supporting multiple types of cameras. Some Hybrid (or in this case tribrid) DVRs can also support IP cameras. However, to get the absolute most out of your IPs, we would recommend a network video recorder or NVR. This will cache the footage from your IP cameras and facilitate their remote viewing capabilities. 


Depending on the type of system you go for, there will be a variety of accessories needed to get your security up and running. There are many wires, connectors, mounts, and more that are not always universally compatible. To avoid spending money only to find that you have mismatched equipment, TechPro can advise you on what to buy from top to bottom. 

Access Control:

 While many people think security is synonymous with surveillance, there is actually more to the story. Access control is another type of security measure which restricts who is granted and logs that information. There are multiple types of access control systems and they can be used in conjuncture with your surveillance equipment to create a multilevel integrated security solution.   


Analytics refers to software that intelligently monitors the footage collected from your cameras and alerts you when a predetermined requirement is met. For example, you can specify an area to be monitored for movement. The Analytics software will be constantly scanning for this and can send a customized notification to the system admin. There can be analytics built into certain cameras and recorders or it can be installed as third-party software. Depending on your specific needs, a TechPro expert can help you determine what level of analytics you will require.

As you can see, it can quickly become overwhelming when trying to fully understand the myriad of options available. Leave the guesswork behind and ensure that you are absolutely content with your investment by relying on TechPro Security to design your perfect security solution.  


Choosing The Proper Layout

Carefully designing the layout of your security system is just as important as choosing the equipment. Even the highest quality cameras, the largest capacity recorder, and the best analytics software won’t do much good if your cameras are not optimally placed. TechPro Security’s years of installation experience is truly invaluable. We will make sure that each camera is installed to best serve its specific purpose and utilize any unique features. For example, we would advise that you use a PTZ camera to monitor larger rooms with lots of activity so that you can focus in on specific areas and events as needed. However, a stationary camera might be more than sufficient to monitor a stationary object such as a doorway or safe. 

Properly planning and placing your cameras can also help save you money. We often see 2 or 3 haphazardly placed cameras used to monitor a relatively compact area. One carefully positioned camera with a slightly larger scope can do the trick much more efficiently. This will save you cash upfront on equipment, but it will also save you time and money when it comes to monitoring and maintaining your system. 


Choose The Right Installers 

TechPro Security has established itself as one of the top surveillance camera installers in the nation. We have had hundreds of successful installations under our belt and a whole host of happy customers. You’ll notice the TechPro difference right away. We will take the time to fully survey the area and triple check your system’s design to make sure it will serve you well in the long term. Each step of the install will be done carefully to ensure there is no damage to your property or equipment. Once everything is running smoothly, we will explain the operation step-by-step to ensure that you feel completely comfortable using your new security system.   

We also will be on hand to help you should problems arise in the future. Technical problems may pop-up even with the best equipment. Our tech support staff will be able to get you back on track in no time with easy to understand troubleshooting assistance. We will also be able to help you seamlessly upgrade your system if and when the time comes. By having surveillance camera installers who are familiar with your needs and property, you will end up spending less money and time on your improvements. 


If you are looking to implement a new security system make sure you get it done right, the first time. TechPro Security is happy to work with you to create a user-friendly surveillance network that perfectly addresses all of your needs. Contact us today for a free security assessment!

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