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Ways to Professionally Optimize Your Security Surveillance System


Valentina Delcoro


June 11, 2020


Surveillance & Security Experts in Boca Raton

People are always looking for more advanced ways to protect their properties, belongings, and family. Because of this, the security industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world. Every day, thousands of business and home owners are looking to install a new security surveillance system for their store, office, or house. With so much money and interest being poured into the industry, new advancements in surveillance tech are being made often. Techpro security is Florida’s number one choice for professional, industry-leading security installation. Here we will talk about the benefits of a surveillance system and how the Techpro team can help you optimize your system to create the ultimate security solution. 


Benefits Of A Security Surveillance System


Deter Crime

It has been shown through research and anecdotal evidence that the presence of security cameras is a great way to deter potential criminals. In both commercial and residential settings, one of the biggest petty crimes you need to worry about is theft and vandalism. These crimes are often what is called a crime of opportunity. These opportunistic criminals will often go for the easiest target. Installing a surveillance system will make sure that your property is not damaged. 

For commercial properties, security cameras will go a long way in making your employees feel safe. Especially if you have employees coming and going late into the night or the early hours of the morning. Also, crime is unfortunately not always the doing of an outside party. Surveillance will dissuade any nefarious activity from within your company as well. 


Help Solve Crime

If you are the victim of a crime, being able to provide video and picture evidence is a great way to boost the probability of it being solved. Identifiers such as physical characteristics, car make and model, license plate number, or even knowing exactly when a crime occurs can be vital in actually bringing your criminal to justice. 

Even if you do not experience a crime yourself, others may benefit from your surveillance system. The peripheral vision of your cameras may catch an important detail relating to a crime or missing persons case related to your neighbors. 


Save Money

Depending on your locale, you may even be able to save money by investing in a professional security system. Many insurance companies in both the residential and retail sectors offer discounts to properties with a qualifying security surveillance system.

Qualifying is the operative word here. Many plug and play wifi surveillance options available will not be sufficient to receive a cost break from your insurance. You will want to make sure you are working with the professionals, like those at Techpro, to make sure your system is sufficient. 


Easy Home Management

Security Cameras can also be a great way to stay connected with your family even when you cannot be with the home. You will be able to easily check on your households coming and make sure that everyone arrives back safely. Parents to young teens love this, as it allows kids a bit more freedom without sacrificing peace of mind. Ensure packages have been picked up or delivered or that your lawn service providers arrived from work or while running errands. 

A security surveillance system is also great for frequent travelers. Easily check-in on the property or any caretakers you’ve employed to watch your home, children, or pets while you are gone. 


Ways To Optimize 


Active Deterrence

Active deterrence cameras, as the name suggests, deter crime using built-in visual and sonic alarms. These cameras are outfitted with advanced AI analytics. What this means is that the camera is able to run software that is able to monitor your video as it is taken. Depending on your exact system, active deterrence cameras can have people counting, facial recognition, and tracking capabilities. You can set up virtual trip lines which, when crossed, trigger a variety of automated responses-such as an alarm- and alerts to system administrators. For large shipping warehouses and vast retail complexes where full security guard coverage is unrealistic, active deterrence is the perfect solution. 


Access Control

Access control is perfect for those looking to have a stricter handle on who enters and exits their property. This may be simply for record-keeping purposes, but many people love access control to limit people’s access to expensive goods or sensitive information. We offer a variety of system types with many options for identity and access verification. We can control access to your main entrances, as well as restrict certain areas within your building. Government agencies and healthcare facilities in particular benefit from internal access control. It ensures security even with many clearance levels throughout their organizations. 


Hybrid Technology

If you have traditional analog or HD over coax cameras, you may believe that you are not able to upgrade your system with newer and more advanced technologies. It is true that this has long been the standard. However, Techpro Security has access to advanced hybrid equipment. This allows you to incorporate IP network cameras into your existing analog system.  You will save hundreds in a complete security overhaul. And you still get to update and take advantage of the best technology the security surveillance world has to offer.  


IP Network Cameras  

IP network cameras are fast becoming the industry’s number one choice for new surveillance systems. Because of this, most advancements happen in the realm of IP tech. New IP cameras have capabilities that we could not even hope for 5 or 10 years ago. Starlight IP cameras are a perfect example of this. Techpro’s Starlight cameras are optimized for low light recording, allowing you to collect full-color video even at night. This may not sound impressive until you realize that nighttime recording was limited to black and white pictures exclusively. Up until the introduction of these cameras, that is. 


A security surveillance system has so many benefits and their capabilities only grow year after year. If you are ready to take control of your home or business property with the most advanced security solutions on the market, turn to TechPro Security. We have over 15 years of experience and offer a complimentary security assessment to all potential clients. Contact us today!

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