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Camera Installation, Done Professionally


Joe Shopsin


June 19, 2020


Security Equipment Installer

Why the Pros?

Security Camera installation is a service that should be handled by professionals, not left to the novice. There are many aspects to an install that might not be considered by someone who has little to no experience in the field. TechPro- is the number one professional installation team in South Florida. Our office is based out of Boca Raton, and we have served the greater South Florida area since 2007.

The Aspects of the Camera Installation

A proper and correct Security Camera installation requires knowledge of multiple different fields. This includes:

  • Construction and wiring for running cables safely and properly through a given location.
  • Electrical knowledge and experience are needed as there is work with low voltage electrical equipment involved in the installation of many portions of a security camera system.
  • Computer and Networking skills are required to properly set up and access the security system remotely and from devices that may be on site.

These are all skills that our install team at TechPro provides at a professional level during your Security Camera Installation. This includes educating our customers on how to properly use and interact with their security hardware.

What We Offer

It isn’t just a Camera installation that should be left to the pros. TechPro also installs a range of automation and security products. Devices like Mag Locks, strikes, Doorbell Cameras, and other access control equipment often require modification of existing construction. This is not something that should be handled by an inexperienced weekend DIY. Costly repairs will outweigh the cost of having a professional organization like TechPro do the job right the first time.

We’re There for you, 24/7

Maintenence is something else to consider. Like any hardware, from time to time troubleshooting or service may need to be performed. TechPro provides 24/7 Emergency Maintenence services in case something goes wrong. In many cases we are able to offer remote tech support as well. The team at TechPro knows how important it is to maintain your security system, and will work with you to make sure it stays operational. If you are considering getting a camera system installed- don’t hesitate and give tech pro a call today, at 561-922-841.

Here at Techpro Security Products- We give you the power to Protect What’s Valuable to You!

Camera Installation, Done Professionally


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