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Specialized Security Services from TechPro Security Products


Valentina Delcoro


March 24, 2020


Specialized Security Services

One of the amazing things about surveillance technology is that it is constantly evolving and improving. Through the years, we at TechPro Security have seen what was once considered the penultimate options in security automation be dwarfed in nearly all aspects by emerging tech. TechPro Security is passionate about investigating these new and exciting options and passing the best of the best along to our customers. Take a look at some of the unique and specialized security services that TechPro offers and how they can benefit your residential or business property. 


Specialized Security Services

Thermal Security Cameras

Thermal security cameras were once only meant for law enforcement or military applications. In recent years, however, they have become more widely available to the public. Thermal cameras do not detect light as most traditional security cameras do. Rather, they track the heat signature of objects to create a picture of the area. For this reason, thermal cameras can often detect an object from farther away than traditional cameras of the same grade. This is because heat travels more successfully than light through longer distances. It also means that daylight is not needed for a thermal camera to deliver clear surveillance video. Thermal cameras are also fantastic because a potential criminal will have a much harder time avoiding detection. While dark clothing and hiding behind objects are dense landscaping can sometimes be enough to conceal someone from a traditional camera, their heat signature is nearly impossible to mask. TechPro is uniquely equipped and fully educated when it comes to installing this emerging technology to best secure your home or place of business.   

Starlight Security Cameras

One problem that can stump even the best traditional surveillance cameras is low light conditions. This can often produce a less than stellar picture, especially at night. One of the specialized security services we offer to combat this problem is Starlight camera systems. If you live in an area where lighting is often low or if nighttime surveillance is a main point of interest, Starlight Security Cameras are the perfect option. Before Starlight Cameras, total surveillance was limited by cameras only producing black and white images at night. Starlight cameras capture full-color video no matter the lighting conditions. The option for color video is not just a cosmetic choice. Color plays an essential role in-depth perception and being able to detect the color of clothing and cars is a major advantage when dealing with instances of crime. 

Starlight IP Cameras supplied by TechPro Security have ranges of 98 feet all the way up to nearly 500 feet and we carry options graded for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Radar Enforced Speed Cameras

For any HOA, the main goal is to keep the members of their community safe. This, of course, means keeping out intruders and criminals, but there are other ways that someone, even a resident, can be an immense danger to the community. Eliminating or decreasing events speeding is a sure-fire way to increase the safety of your community. In 2015, nearly 27% of all automobile accidents were directly caused by speeding. This number was a 3% increase from the year before, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. TechPro offers the leading solution to this grave problem, radar enforced speed capture cameras. The speed cameras offered by TechPro are of the same quality as those used by law enforcement. They operate day and night and provide instant, clear digital photos of a speeding incident. With options like solar power, real-time viewing, and a customized database, there is no better way to supplement the protection provided to your residents. 

Additional Security Safeguard Options Offered By TechPro

TechPro believes that the best security solutions integrate multiple technologies and systems to provide you with full coverage and peace of mind. Here are a few examples of additional specialized security services we offer and highly recommend.  


-Virtual Gate Guard 

A feature of the gated community is a vetted, competent, and friendly gate guard. TechPro offers virtual gate guard installation to offer a new option to private neighborhoods. Virtual gate guards are fully licensed security guards and trained to provide your residents and guests in a professional, courteous, and efficient manner. Virtual gate guard technology is uniquely secure and is currently utilized by Federal agencies such as the FBI and DHS. 


-Access Control

It is unrealistic to man every point of access for most businesses and private communities. Techpro’s litany of top-tier access control options, you can secure every aspect of your property in an affordable and centrally managed way. 


-Perimeter Security Systems 

A virtual gate guard can also be a single element in a more vast, total security network. TechPro Security is a national leader in comprehensive, integrated, user-friendly, and state-of-the-art perimeter security systems for gated neighborhoods. 

Why Implement Security Surveillance? 

One of the simplest benefits of installing a security surveillance system is that the mere presence of visual cameras is often deterrent enough for criminals. For the same reason that thieves and vandals often carefully plan robberies for when buildings are vacant, they will likely find the presence of a camera too great a risk. If you know your potential crime is going to be monitored, you are less likely to commit it, plain and simple. 


Theft and vandalization are not the only types of crime that access to surveillance of your property can deter. Many people will try to take advantage of an individual or business by attempting to commit some sort of insurance fraud. If a false claim about an incident that occurred on your property is being brought up against you, the video and photos collected by your technology can help quickly expose the truth and absolve you of any legal or monetary responsibility. There is another insurance-related upside to consider. As mandated by local laws and policies, some insurance companies will provide incentives to those who have an updated security system.


TechPro also offers options with more everyday applications. Check-in on your pets during a long day at the office or make sure your kids get home from school. You can also monitor package deliveries to help ensure your valuables are safe and being handled with care. 

Why TechPro?

TechPro Security sets itself apart from other merchants with their top-down dedication to providing the absolute best to their clients in all aspects of the experience. They are proud to provide exclusive discounts on many products due to their superb professional relationships with top manufacturers in the industry. Our dedicated sales and installation teams will help you decide and implement the perfect security solution to address all of your specific needs. To boot, you will be provided with free tech support from our top technicians for the life of your TechPro products. 

To take the first step towards a safer property and a sounder peace of mind, contact TechPro to schedule your free security assessment today!


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