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Joe Shopsin


July 15, 2021


Security Camera Installation Fort Lauderdale

Security Hardware Installation Company

Techpro Security Products is a licensed and trusted South Florida Security hardware installation company with the newest tech! Our security hardware choices are second to none. Not only do we carry our own high-quality equipment, but we are also an authorized Avigilon partner and installation service provider.  When working toward a security goal, having the right hardware is an important part of the equation. The other part is having a proper assessment and professional installation.

That’s because of all of these parts, and how much knowledge is required to install them, that you should always hire a professional Security System Contractor when it comes time to put together and install a security system on site. But, what are the major components of a well-functioning security system, and why isn’t this a job you could do alone? Read on to learn more about the different parts of your security system, and why you’d need to hire professionals for their setup.

There are three security hardware systems people come to think of when considering on-site secureity solutions. These components are CCTV, Access Control, and alarm System Monitoring. Each one serves its own purpose and is important to achieving a completely secure solution on site. The first of these, CCTV is short for Closed Circut TeleVision. CCTV is the combination of on-site cameras and recorders working together to capture footage to be used as evidence, or so authorized personnel can view live footage in real-time.

The second component is Access Control. Access Control is the usage of various partially automated locks, and gates to ‘control’ the ‘access’ to the location.  This equipment can include, gate arms, sliding gates, and doors fitted with magnetic locks and strikes. These are used in combination with the keyfob and card readers, keypads, entry/exit buttons, and live personnel to allow or disallow entry to the facility.

The last component you should hire a Security System Contractor to install is a monitored alarm system. These systems use contacts, and motion sensors to determine if Doors and windows are opened when they shouldn’t be, or if there is movement in certain areas that there shouldn’t be. The system then plays ana alarm to deter intruders and will attempt to contact you, and/or the authorities after certain conditions are met.

All of these components require knowledge and training in the following fields to install:

  • Electrical
  • Networking
  • Construction
  • General IT
  • Cable Termination, Running, and Management

These installations are not recommended as a Sunday novice DIY project and you should always hire a Security System Contractor. 

When looking for a Security Installer, don’t trust just anyone- let the Pros handle it! Techpro Security Products, now a proud partner of Aviligon Cameras- made in North America!

Call Techpro Security Products, an Avigilon Partner, today for more info, and to set up an appointment: 561.990.4168
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