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IP Camera Installation with TechPro!


Joe Shopsin


July 2, 2021


Security Equipment Installer

IP Camera Installation with TechPro!

If you’re looking to install CCTV or upgrade your current system consider having an IP camera installation done by TechPro Security Products! Most CCTV systems currently running and installed around the world, are what we call COAX camera systems. That’s because these particular systems utilize analog or Digital HD video cameras that transmit their data to a central DVR, or Digital video recorder, by way of a COAX cable. Even though the cable itself is an analog cable, most modern coax cameras actually use a digital transmission via this cable. This is because coax cameras are now capable of higher resolutions, even HD resolutions, which require digital signals to move that data around. For many, this was as good a reason to stay with COAx cams forever, and not have to upgrade to IP cameras- until now!

So what then, are the benefits to an IP camera installation vs staying coax, or installing a new coax system? Well, there are several reasons for this. One is of course the camera quality. While COAX cameras can hit high resolutions, not many of them can do 4k- while tons of IP camera selections are currently available that use the super-sharp 8-megapixel resolution. Another good reason is the actual cabling itself. COAX camera systems transmit all of their data back to a DVR- a digital video recorder. They do this on a 1:1 basis of cable to port on the DVR that’s recording them. Additionally, COAX cameras use the power that must be individually sent to each camera. This creates a lot of wiring mess, even if some of the cabling mess can be reduced by using good cable management and cable routing for these power wires back to a single power distribution box.

If you upgrade to IP cameras, you’ll find that these cameras only require a single cable to power them, and send their data. That’s because IP cameras use POE- power over ethernet. This means they use computer networking cables to send their data and receive power, all over the same line. Even further, you can have all your cameras connected into a central network POE switch to provide a single location for all the cabling to run to. These cameras then communicate with an NVR – or network video recorder- to record all of their data. With a configuration like this, you can also individually access each camera as its own device and have deeper control over all of its settings in a way that COAX cameras simply do not offer.

Now if you’re trying to save on upgrades, but like the idea of adding an IP camera with some advanced new features to your setup, you might be in luck! If you already have one of our DVRs there’s a really good chance it’s compatible with accepting a few, up to several, IP cameras in addition to its normal COAX cameras! There’s so much more to know about why you should consider an Upgrade to IP cameras with TechPro! For more information- give us a call today!

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