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Reliable Neighborhood Security


Joe Shopsin


September 14, 2022


Reliable Neighborhood Security

Reliable Neighborhood Security

Do you run or manage a neighborhood property and are looking for Reliable Neighborhood Security via monitored CCTV, and/or access control technology? TechPro Security Products is here to provide your HOA, Neighborhood, or Complex with the proper, monitored security hardware that suits its needs.

Techpro Security has been providing quality CCTV and security hardware installations for over ten years. some of the largest and most well established neighborhoods in some of the wealthiest communities in south Florida trust us with their CCTV security and protection. No other contractor provides nearly as reliable neighborhood security as TechPro Security Products.

With TechPro you can expect the direct attention to your locations specific needs and we will involve you in the battleplan every step of the way.  We will work with you from the ground up to form a security plan based on the specific perimeter points at your neighborhood. We can help plan with and around your existing power situation, working directly with local power companies to help engineer solutions for problems that would otherwise seem impossible. We utilize the newest in CCTV technologies via AXXON Next AI monitoring. We can provide state of the art AI based analytics using the Axxon next suite, which includes advanced motion detection, line crossing, human detection, object tracking, and more.

Moreso, we also utilize the highest resolution options available for any given situation. That means recording, and playback will have the sharpest detail available giving you all the information you need incase of any incident. Regarding incidents- our alert system is monitored for you and we can provide a range of service packages catered to your schedule and requirements. This ranges from day only monitoring, to night monitoring, to 24/7 emergency response.  That means day or night we will work to resolve any outages or issues which could lead to loss of footage or recording.

Of course, you and your staff will have on a need basis direct access to the camera system to self monitor and respond to alerts. This can include and limit any staff you require, such as local security guards and gate guard staff. This includes remote access over the web as well. When and if you need footage for an event, you can also request this directly from us and we can provide this to you.

Your residents deserve peace of mind and Reliable Neighborhood Security system, monitored and defended by the best team in the business. We want nothing less than to ensure your neighborhood is safe, secure, and protected. For more information and to set up a consultation call TechPro Security Products today!

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