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Access Control for Business


Joe Shopsin


September 5, 2022


Access Control for Business

TechPro Security Products is a highly renowned installer for access control for business as well as CCTV and alarm. When talking about how to most effectively secure any location there are several components to this process which can paint a complete security picture. The truth is CCTV, Alarm, and Access control for business are all integral and important functions on their own but mean more when used at the same location together. Read on to learn more about the types of hardware we provide, and why you should always hire/trust a professional installer for this type of work.

To fully grasp why its important to have access control for business at your location, its imperative to understand what access control even is in the first place. Access Control is a series of hardware’s working together in order to create limitations on who can enter or leave via specific doors/gates/exit points at  a given location and when these limitations are in effect. You might be thinking, that’s what locks and keys are for, but locks and keys have their limitations.

In fact access control for business is the most advanced and controlled form of lock and key alongside the ability to monitor it. Generally speaking you’ll find that access control is a series of electronic locking devices such as magnetic locks or strikes. These locks are tied to a central computer board which contains important data for how to operate those locks. Also tied to this computer board are key components such as keypads, card readers, and push to exit buttons.

In order to enter through a door locked by one of the electronic locks connected to the system, the person attempting to enter would need to interact with a pin-pad and/or card reader. Most pin-pads also act as card readers. Using software programmed by the security operator and/or owners and managers, the keypads will react by allowing entry or denying entry to the door in question. To interact with the keypads, the user may use a plastics card with RFID chip that has been previously enrolled to the Access control software and uploaded to the main board.

Many settings are available to protect your business best interest using access control. This includes pins, keypads, entrance counting, scheduling, and of course direct dynamic control over your doors across the property. At any time you can add or remove cards/pins/users to the system to allow or disallow access to whichever doors at whatever times you like. The systems even have room t o schedule holidays, meetings, or unexpected change such as remodeling or renovations of the property- you have full control over who can get in when, and how with Access control For Business.

These hardware’s require construction modification knowledge, tools, experience, and certifications. This includes knowledge of fire safety and legal codes. Never attempt to install automation ort access control without a professional contractor. TechPro is your number one source for Access Control for Business!

…Let the Pros handle it- Techpro!

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