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Network IT Services


Joe Shopsin


April 5, 2023


Network IT Services

TechPro Security is South Florida’s go-to provider of Network IT services and general business IT services.

In today’s world almost all forms of remote communication are handled digitally, usually over the internet but most certainly over some type of computer network. A computer network is exactly what it sounds like- a series of interconnected computers that can communicate information back and forth to each other. A simple network can be just two Personal Computers, or PCs, connected by a network cable most commonly an Ethernet cable. Configured properly these PCs can share files and peripheral access such as printers and scanners with each other. How does this play a role in your modern business and how do TechPro Security’s Network IT services help aid with this?

In a business, data needs to move very quickly between communicating parties. Additionally, the data not only needs to move quickly but do so effectively and be properly routed to the right destination. Speed won’t matter if the data isn’t being sent to the correct place. In the vein of efficiency comes security as well. Not only does data in a business need to get where it’s supposed to, and get where it’s supposed to go quickly, but it must also do this in a secure way. This is to say that the data isn’t breached or accessible at any point during the communication to parties not intended to access the data.

Put in such simple terms, one might wonder why they would need any assistance in achieving this goal with their network. The truth is designing, managing, implementing, and maintaining a network isn’t a simple task at all. Many people believe that a network is simply connecting all your business core devices to the same networking device such as a router, and that’s all there is to it. For small homes, and residential networks this solution might work. However, these solutions work well for small homes because there are not as many devices on a home network. The chances for network traffic to collide or interfere with each other, as well as for there to be highly sensitive collections of information moving through the network are much lower, and thus less of a security risk. However on larger networks with hundreds, sometimes thousands of devices, a staggering amount of planning and design has to be used to build out a network plan which can safely, securely, and effectively house all devices involved.

TechPro Security provides professional Network IT services to the business owners of South Florida. For over ten years we have been installing and servicing complex networks ran by powerful servers and backed by redundancy solutions, failover, and security protections in place. Our Networks are designed with attention to your location’s specific needs, and built to prevent security threats both internal and external. Your devices will connect smoothly and seamlessly, without delays or problems. TechPro builds your infrastructure from the ground up to keep your business moving. For more information give us a call today.

Network IT Services

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