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Installing CCTV Hardware


Joe Shopsin


April 9, 2023


Neighborhood Cameras; Installing CCTV Hardware

Installing CCTV Hardware

Installing CCTV hardware should always be left up to the professionals, TechPro Security Products is South Florida’s #1 Security Contractor.

In Florida, TechPro Security Products is the top supplier of high-quality CCTV installations for commercial properties. CCTV is an essential aspect of maintaining on-site security, regardless of the type of property you manage. It is crucial to fully understand the significance of CCTV and the benefits of hiring an expert installer rather than attempting to install or manage the equipment on your own.

Closed Circuit Television, commonly known as CCTV, refers to a set of cameras that are utilized to capture and/or store audio and video data in a restricted and safeguarded area. These systems are primarily intended for the purpose of ensuring safety and security. There are three types of cameras available for CCTV systems, which are Coax, IP, and hybrid. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Coax cameras utilize analog cables to connect directly with their recorders and require a DC power source. These cameras are always connected to a recorder, which is commonly known as a Digital Video Recorder or DVR.

An alternative to traditional cameras is to opt for IP or Network cameras that can be linked to a Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) Source using Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet/networking cables. These cameras can be connected to a POE network switch and added to a hybrid DVR or a network video recorder (NVR). Certain NVRs come with an in-built POE setup, allowing a range of IP cameras to be connected directly to the POE-NVR. No details can be left out while paraphrasing the original text.

The primary reason why it is not advisable to attempt installing certain equipment, such as a distribution box and cameras, on your own is due to safety concerns. This is especially true if you have little or no experience with electrical equipment. There is a risk of injuring yourself or others during the installation process, which often involves modifying existing structures and running cables. Inexperienced individuals may also damage their property, leading to expensive repairs. In addition, setting up networking components, particularly for IP cameras or remote viewing over the web, requires computer knowledge that many people may not possess. Without the necessary expertise, you may end up making the installation more complicated and potentially dangerous. Therefore, to ensure the safety of everyone involved, it is best to leave such installations to professionals.

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