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Existing CCTV System Upgrade


Joe Shopsin


June 28, 2022


Existing CCTV System Upgrade

Existing CCTV System Upgrade.

TechPro Security is South Florida’s premier CCTV installer, and we can provide you with an existing CCTV system upgrade to your current hardware.

It’s a great idea to check up on your existing CCTV hardware periodically to ensure its functioning as it should. That means doing a count of how many cameras are installed and comparing that to how many you still see visible on your CCTV systems monitor. IT also means taking note if any cameras are no longer performing at their expected quality. For example, if you see issues with artifacts, interference, banding, discoloration, lack of color, or blown out or blurry images it may be time for repairs or replacements. Further Your CCTV recorder, be it a DVR or NVR, should still be actually recording the same number of days you had always started with, or more if you’ve added more Hard Disk space over time. Loss of footage time or recording at all can mean a failed recorder or hard disk.

Outside of actual problems you might be experiencing with your hardware, an existing CCTV system upgrade might be needed if your equipment simply isn’t up to the job or task compared to other more modern options and equipment. For example, there are CCTGv systems in the field still working from 10 years ago or more! While this itself is a feat, and one might say “if it isn’t broke do not attempt to fix it” by today’s standards there is no way a ten-year-old system is up to par. If you were to compare hardware from 10, or even 6 or 7 years ago with what is available today, you will likely find there have been many upgrades and advantages over your existing system.

The first major update to CCTV is the fact that now IP systems are a lot more common. IP cameras used to be extremely expensive, and offer minimal benefit over their COAX counterparts. However, in today’s market IP systems are more affordable than ever. In fact, on a new installation, the money saved on labor and cabling alone could be worth it as IP cameras use less cable, and a single Cat5e or cat6 ethernet to receive power and transmit data. This is done using PoE, or power over ethernet.

For both COAX and IP systems there have been many updates as well. The resolution, or the sharpness of the image rated in pixels, has gone up many many times. Now the baseline standard for cameras is 2MP, also known as 1080p by television resolution standards. Motion detection, remote viewing- the ability to see the camera system from another device outside of the location, smart searching, and h265 compression encoding are all available today on our modern CCTV systems!

If you’re looking to get your home or business fully protected, don’t try it alone, -let the Pros handle it!

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