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Install 4k CCTV Camera with Techpro!


Joe Shopsin


February 1, 2022


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Install 4k CCTV Camera with Techpro!

If your location needs the best quality CCTV, call TechPro Security products to install 4k CCTV Cameras today!

Resolution is a truly important factor in choosing what kind of closed-circuit television, or CCTV, equipment suits your location’s particular needs. Currently, 4k is one of the highest and most hardware demanding resolutions to run and record. If you’re at all unsure of how this plays a part in CCTV, or camera tech, read on to learn more about the awesome high-resolution camera products we carry, and the recorders that encode their data.

When we talk about high-resolution CCTV equipment, what exactly do we mean? Well firstly know that resolution is simply a measure of the quality of any given image. This quality is determined by the number of pixels in that image, this pixel count is called the resolution. There was a time when quality was measured in TVL, also known as Tv Lines. TV from before the advent of digital broadcast and HD, was broadcast in 360, or 480 TVL comparable to today’s 360, and 480p. Now that we’re in the digital age, all quality is measured in resolution. HD is a term that means high definition, another way of saying a large pixel count or a high resolution.

So when we talk about high-resolution CCTV equipment, this is an umbrella term for a wide array of quality options. As we mentioned earlier, TV used to be the only 480p, but nowadays the standard TV broadcast is actually 720p or standard HD. As time went on, even more, high-resolution options became available.  The older options were redesignated as ‘standard definition’ and the new emerging 720p (1280×720) was “high definition or HD”. Since then, even more, high definition resolutions have become standard. These high-resolution CCTV equipment options include cameras and recorders that can handle Full HD aka 1080p, all the way up to 4k also known as 2160p or Ultra-HD. Anything 720p or up is considered HD. So that means HD CCTV cameras are any CCTV cameras that can do 720p or better image quality.

Today, even 720p has fallen to the wayside in favor of high resolution CCTV equipment like 4 Megapixels and 4k cameras.   4 Megapixels and 5 Megapixels are great intermediary choices that will net you a bit more HDD space than 4k, but still a great quality image! In order to determine the best camera quality for your needs, give us a call and see what we can do for you!

If you’re looking to get your home or business fully protected, don’t try it alone, -let the Pros handle it!

Call Techpro Security Products, an Avigilon Partner, today for more info, and to set up an appointment: 561.990.4168
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