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Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ Cameras


Joe Shopsin


February 14, 2022


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Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ Cameras Installed by Techpro

Tehcpro Security Products can install incredibly high-quality Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras at your home or business!

Security equipment is extremely important and is a true necessity for anyone running a business. Outside of running a business, however, security tech can and should also be installed at your place of residence. Security is important because it provides safety to you, those around you, and everyone’s property. However, installing security equipment isn’t something that should be attempted by just anyone. There are many factors involved, and going into the new year we recommend you have CCTV installed in 2022 by a professional.

When considering what camera you want to be installed on-site, adding a few Pant tilt zoom cameras to key locations can be extremely beneficial. So what is a Pan titl Zoom Camera?

These types of cameras, also called PTZ for short, allow you to optically zoom in, and move the camera up and down (title) as well as back and forth(pan) to adjust its image to your liking for specific circumstances. Being able to capture a highly specified area, track targets that are moving, zoom in on key events, and react in real-time are just some of the features available on PTZA cameras. It’s pretty easy to see how and why these units would be so beneficial in any Security system or CCTV settings.

Your installers will be able to determine based on your property’s needs where and how many POTZ type cameras you’ll need to truly take advantage of this type of camera.s No worries, our installer techs are pros who have years of experience in the field!

From here you can then along with the installer make an educated choice about what needs to be done, and receive a quote for the work involved. This quote will also include any materials or equipment needed to be installed.

As far as technology goes, remember that CCTV alone won’t keep your business fully protected, as this is mostly a reactive solution.  Techpro also offers a wide range of Access Control products including Maglocks, door strike,s control boards, software- and the installation of these products. We also offer remote video monitoring, alarm system installation and monitoring, and even HOA community security. All of this is backed by our world-class customer service and support. We offer tech support to all our products and services and are happy to help you maintain your security.

Above all else, remember not to DIY this stuff and Let the Pros handle it- TechPro that is!

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