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Joe Shopsin


July 26, 2022


Security System Contractor; High Quality Security

High-Quality Security

Looking to have high-quality security at your location? TechPro Security Products can provide you with the Security tools you need! We are a Security Hardware installation contractor who can also provide monitoring services for alarm systems via If you need an assessment, installation, troubleshooting, replacement,s or repair for the security of your location TechPro can help. Read on to learn about the high-quality security hardware services we offer here at TechPro Security Products!

No location’s security is complete without a functioning alarm system We install super high-tech wireless 2-gig alarm hardware. This hardware doesn’t require much modification to install and looks nice and clean when operating. On top of that, we can provide real-time monitoring for your new alarm system. That means the hardware won’t just sirens if there’s an unwanted entry, it will actually alert you, and if you wish contact the authorities for dispatch.

In addition to Alarm systems, the best way to make sure you have proof of an unwanted event is by having a CCTV system installed by Techpro Security Products. CCTV is short for closed circuit television and it is the way people record footage at any location to be viewed later if needed for security purposes. Without CCTV hardware, you will be able to utilize motion detection, and tripwire or intrusion box setups for real-time alerts. You can view your live feed from your cameras over the Internet via your smartphone, or Pc, any time, anywhere in the world. Additionally, you can download footage directly to your computer, or phone if need be in a pinch, to provide data to requesting parties for evidence of events. CCTV footage can be set to record all day, on a schedule, on trigger events, or a mixed combination of all of these options.

CCTV and alarm systems are useful both at home, and in business or professional organizations, but another type of security hardware- access control- is more prominent at professional establishments. Everything from stores to offices, to hospitals and schools, access control provides businesses and organizations a way to provide authorized entry and protected locking for any exit/.entry point around a given location. tghis is done by installing a central computer board that connects to a series of electrically operated locks, keypads, card readers, and push-to-exit buttons. Using a PC connected to this hardware, your security team along with tech pro can set up access cards for all of your employees.

Techpro Can ensure a smooth, clean, and professional installation of our high-quality security hardware. We never recommend a DIY installation, as this can be dangerous or cause unwanted damage to your property. For more information, call us today at 561.922.8416

Always reach out to a professional to have low voltage electrical equipment or network-based systems installed for the best results.

Don’t call just anyone, Let the Pros handle it- TECHPRO!
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