Whether at home or in your business, wireless security cameras provide a solution to the need for safety and security. Because these cameras require no complicated setup or wires running across the floor or walls, it is quite simple to place them just about anywhere you feel the need to get a closer look at what is going on.

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Because these systems are small and wireless, it is easy to place them in an inconspicuous place. For surveillance purposes, this is ideal.

How Wireless Cameras Work

Wireless security systems work through transmittal of video to a receiver via high frequency radio signals. The receiver is connected to a video monitor, video recorder, or DVR in order to view the transmissions live or as a recorded program. Instead of wires, the camera is powered by batteries and placed within 300 – 500 feet of the receiver. AC adapters are also available in cases where battery life might be an issue, such when you are going to be away from home for an extended period of time.

If it is not possible for the action occurring on the camera to be viewed live on a monitor or television, it can be recorded to a device such as a video recorder or DVR and watched at a more convenient time.

Another option is provided via the internet. A wireless security system can transfer the signal to a network router or through a LAN adapter and then sent to the specific IP address of your computer. Through your internet browser, you can then view the video being transmitted in real time. Technological advances via software applications have also made possible the ability to move the camera in different directions or zoom in from a remote location. The resulting footage can also be saved to the hard drive, if desired.

Uses for a Wireless Camera System

An ideal use for a wireless home security system is for watching a baby or small child. Mothers can easily get their chores done while an infant sleeps just by placing the camera on the crib and keeping an eye on a video monitor. Feel free to talk on the phone while resting assured that your baby is where he belongs and out of danger.

This same device can also be used to perform covert surveillance of a babysitter entrusted with your child’s care. With the small size, wireless hidden cameras can be placed in a potted plant, or up on a tall shelf, or even within a collection of stuffed animals and avoid detection. These so-called nanny cams have become popular in recent years, due to increasing reports of abuse in the home.

For businesses, wireless security cameras are a great option for keeping an eye on customers and employees alike. Because they can be easily moved, it is a simple process to relocate them as needed. Playing back the footage at a later time can identify where and when theft or other activities not beneficial to your business are occurring. These are also a great option as surveillance outside of business hours.

In conjunction with a camera for surveillance, a wireless home alarm system is another way to keep your home and family safe. These systems use the same technology as the wireless cameras – transmittal via radio signals which are then sent to a receiver and also enjoy the same ease of installation.

Utilizing today’s advanced technology, wireless security cameras and alarm systems are affordable and very simple to adapt to your specific needs – whether at home or at your business or both. Go ahead and give yourself instant peace of mind by looking into the variety of options for your safety and security today.

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