In recent years, home security surveillance systems have become increasingly popular. Part of the reason is that in a depressed economy, both partners in a marriage must work to make ends meet and therefore cannot be home during the day. Another reason is that economic woes are causing more and more criminal activity, and making criminals more bold.

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According to the latest crime statistics from the FBI, while overall property crime rates have decreased across the country, the southeast region indicates a growth of 1.1% in such occurrences; a home invasion occurs every 12 seconds in the United States. Two-thirds of all property crimes are theft. As well, 22% of violent crimes occur in the home. Obviously, there is a real need for video surveillance security systems.

Reasons to Install a Security System

Originally, video surveillance equipment was designed for and used in banks, airports, casinos, and other commercial establishments to provide security and deter theft. Since its beginnings decades earlier, video surveillance equipment has become far more technologically advanced, as well as more affordable. With such advancements as wireless video surveillance, it is now an increasingly popular option to install such equipment within a home.

The reasons for doing so are many. The first is the most obvious – to prevent thieves from entering your home when it is unoccupied and taking everything of value. While this is an important consideration, how about other uses?

For instance, home security surveillance can be used to keep an eye on babies and young children. This can range all the way from keeping a camera trained on the backyard pool to ensure no little ones have fallen in to installing a nanny cam which can track the activities of a babysitter in your home. After all, your children are a precious commodity and one which must be carefully protected.

DVR surveillance is also handy for watching over a senior citizen – whether your older family member lives with you or away from your home with a caregiver. Should you suspect there is anything occurring which could constitute abuse, playback of the surveillance footage on a DVR system will prove or disprove it.

If you’ve got teenagers in your household, a video surveillance system is a great tool. Wondering if your teen is doing his/her homework after school? Have you ever suspected a party has gone on during your absence from home? Are you concerned that a child’s friend might be helping himself to your possessions? All of these are instances where a surveillance system can be quite helpful.

Once you have installed a home security surveillance system in your home, you may wonder how you ever got along without it. Such systems answer a variety of questions you might have about what goes on in your home during your absence and can also set your mind at ease that everything is as it should be. With minimal installation time and an affordable price, there is virtually no reason not to enhance the security and safety of your family.

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