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The Best Security Systems for Schools in Boca Raton Florida


Damon Delcoro


April 2, 2013


The Best Security Systems for Schools in Boca Raton FloridaAlthough installing appropriate security systems can be costly, school systems truly can’t afford to invest in this type of technology. The safety of children and those who teach and take care of them is priceless, so communities should work together in order to install, maintain and monitor the equipment that is necessary in order to keep schools safe.

Although there are all different types of equipment and security systems that can be used in schools, the best security systems for schools in Boca Raton Florida and elsewhere in the world include a few key components. By using these components, those who work for the school system can help protect everyone who goes to school each day.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Security cameras are some of the most important pieces of equipment that can be used in order to keep schools safe. Although a lot of people think about installing security cameras inside school buildings, it is equally as important for them to be installed outdoors on school property.

For instance, cameras that are set up in the parking lot of the school and at all of the driveways and other vehicle entrances of school property can help keep children safe in several ways. First of all, educators who monitor these security cameras can watch out to make sure that no children are being picked up by people who should not have them. In the unfortunate circumstance that the wrong person does pick up a child, the surveillance footage from an outdoor surveillance camera can provide law enforcement officials with important information that can be used in order to recover the child, such as a vehicle description, license plate number and description of the individual who picked up the child.

Outdoor cameras can also show another angle of every person who enters the school. In the event that something happens on school property, officials can narrow down their suspects by seeing who has entered and exited the school during the day.

Indoor Security Cameras

Not only should security cameras be installed outdoors, but they should also be used inside in order to keep children and schools safe. Some people think that installing surveillance cameras inside schools is an intrusion of privacy, but the use of cameras in this type of setting can make a major difference in how safe and secure children and schools in general are.

For instance, surveillance cameras can be used at the entrances of schools in order to keep an eye on each individual who enters the building during the school day. Surveillance cameras that are placed in hallways can also help provide safety and security. If there are surveillance cameras placed in all of the hallways of the school, those who are monitoring the cameras throughout the day can look for suspicious behavior in any area of the school. Not only can this help cut down on serious crime, but educators can also look out for students who are breaking the rules, bullying other children, fighting or otherwise causing problems.

Once this footage is in hand, educators can use it to determine which students need their help and how to help them to correct their behavior in the future. Cameras that have been placed in classrooms can also function as a means of safety and security. If anything happens in a classroom setting, a security camera that has been placed in the classroom can provide more information about what may have happened, and it will also include the proof that is necessary in order to handle the situation.
Security Cameras on Buses

Children have to be as safe as possible from the moment that they leave their houses in order to head to school until the minute they get home after a long day at school. Therefore, the school building and the property surrounding it aren’t the only places that need to be kept as safe and secure as possible. Since many children count on riding the school bus in order to get transportation to and from school every day, school buses that are not safe and secure can pose a major risk. Therefore, security cameras should be placed on all buses so that students can be kept safe.

Security At All Entrances

Although the entire perimeter of the school property should be kept safe, it is especially important to keep an eye on all of the entrances and exits to the school. If educators are able to keep dangerous people and dangerous items out of the building, there is a much better chance that students, as well as everyone else who is in the school, can be kept safe. Therefore, special attention should be paid to all of the entrances to the school for best results.

Not only does this mean that security cameras should be installed at the doors to school, but it also means that other precautions should be taken as well. For instance, many schools lock the doors to the school during the day. This helps prevent people from entering the school without being detected, which can help keep the school as safe as possible.
Metal Detectors

In the past, most schools did not use metal detectors. However, more and more people are beginning to realize that metal detectors can make a major difference in how safe and secure a school really is. Therefore, metal detectors should certainly be something that every community and school board should consider in order to keep kids safe.

Metal detectors can be placed at all of the entrances to the school as a means of keeping guns, knives and other weapons out of the building. Although it might take a little extra manpower in order to operate these metal detectors, the safety that they can provide can certainly be well worth the effort and money. Along with placing metal detectors at the doors to a school, school boards should also consider using metal detectors for football games and other school events.

Security Guards or School Resource Officers

Although things like surveillance cameras and metal detectors can certainly be used in order to keep schools safe, there is something a bit more substantial about having trained individuals walking the school grounds to ensure that things are as they should be. Therefore, every school should consider employing at least one security guard or school resource officer — in many cases, hiring at least a few of these professionals is a good idea.
Burglar Alarms

The safety of students and other individuals who are in and around the school during the day should certainly be considered a top priority. However, it is also important for those in the community to be concerned about theft and other costly types of crime. By installing burglar alarms at the school, however, theft can be deterred and those who do break into the school can be more easily caught and prosecuted for their actions.
Constant Diligence

One of the most important aspects of keeping a school safe is for everyone who works in the school system, as well as parents and others in the community, to remain diligent about watching out for dangerous behavior and keeping tabs on school security at all times. Contact us today for a free consultation.