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Catch Your Neighbor or Spouse Red Handed


Damon Delcoro


March 28, 2013


Catch Your Neighbor or Spouse Red HandedYou have nagging suspicions about your neighbors. Footprints on your lawn, pottery broken, and your toolshed is no longer your own. With the right security system, you can catch your neighbor, or even spouse, red handed and in the act.

Techpro Security products are custom designed to fit your every demand. Our specialized products range from the tiniest desk setup to the most elaborate office scheme. We will work hands-on with you, and our suppliers, in order to help you catch your suspects before it is too late.

If you suspect your neighbors of snooping around your premises, you owe it to yourself to get some peace of mind. What better way of achieving this than through a full security system? With a security system installed, you can ensure that no one takes advantage of you, or your property, again.

A standard security system would involve a front door camera. This camera will be hidden, so don’t worry about any obstructive devices blocking your home. This will allow you to see the basic front of your home. Next, we will install some cameras on all corners of your premises to ensure that no neighbor sneaks by. For this purpose, we will cameras with infrared capabilities, thereby turning your home into a night-vision guarded safe house. These cameras can detect HD-quality images at any range you desire.

Our installation will come with a DVR device. This allows you to store all of the footage you capture, thus allowing you to use it evidence should that become necessary. Your DVR will be your virtual storage, with a nearly unlimited amount of space for all of your footage.

Many of our cameras offer motion sensor capabilities. What this allows for is an extended battery life, and less footage for you to shift through. You will no longer have countless hours of still images, as the motion sensor activates the camera’s power only when movement has occurred.

If you wish to catch your spouse, girlfriend, or roommate, in an act of shenanigans, we offer various spy and nanny cams for this very purpose. These cameras are as tiny as can be, and will be virtually unnoticed on any surface. These cams are also fantastic for that new babysitter, ensuring that they respect the rules of your home at all times.

Our nanny cams come in a wireless format, which allows for ease of placement and image transfer. Placed behind your computer on the desk, or nestled between books on the bookcase, these tiny cams will transmit data instantly to your DVR or laptop computer.

A spy cam can come in various shapes and sizes. Some of the more obscure spy cameras are designed after pens and watches, but ours are a little more practical. You can easily install our spy cameras onto your laptop computer, or onto nearly all other electrical devices. These miniature cameras will not attract attention, and will blend in seamlessly into their surroundings. Use for catching your spouse coming home late at night, or for your roommate taking the last beer out of the fridge.

If you are traveling, you may wish to have access to your security camera footage. Luckily, it is now easier than ever to have all of the footage you desire transferred instantly to your laptop computer. We can help you to set up nanny cam footage transfers into your wifi-enabled laptop, making viewing footage a cinch. No need to worry while abroad, as we’ve got you covered!

Here at Techpro Security, we wish to become your partner in securing your assets. We will work tooth and nail to get you the best possible security system for your space. Working together with both you and our suppliers will allow us to create the exact system you desire.

If you wish to catch your pesky neighbors overstepping their boundaries, we will install the best system possible around your home. If your spouse or roommate is causing trouble, then look no further. Our systems our of the highest quality, and will preserve the sound and video you need to catch your suspects. Our home surveillance systems are ideal for neighbors and perpetrators alike. Our nanny cams can ensure that your home is never turned into a reckless playground. With the addition of miniature spy cameras, you can catch your roommates in the act, and never fall victim to their debauchery again.

Contact Techpro Security today. With our highly trained techs and suppliers, we will enable you to keep control over your assets. With Techpro Security, you will never be left in the dark from the actions of your neighbors or spouse. They will be caught redhanded, and you will have the video to prove it.