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Damon Delcoro


October 5, 2016


home security camera

Rising populations in urban areas has led to increases in crimes such as burglary and theft due to close proximity of homes and rising prices in costs on all types of items like food and housing. Having a safe and secure home with a home camera system will give you what you have always been missing, peace of mind and comfort, even when you’re far away. has many different solutions to ensure that you have every angle covered on your property or business. Home camera system is much like a business camera system they have the same function when you think about it and that’s to keep you safe and also to keep a record of all activities that have taken place on the property. offers security and access control units and the ability to monitor your cameras from your cell phone anywhere in the world.

home security camera

If you have a home security system that is out of date we can integrate our amazing new technology and make every aspect of your home security system technologically up to date, and ready to catch anything out of the ordinary. offers free customer service and support for the life of the product and we help you troubleshoot any problems that you might encounter when installing or un-boxing your new products. Your home security camera system is the eye in the sky keeping you informed from every angle that you cover. You can never be too safe and secure when you are purchasing new home camera system and recorders to add to your new or current home security solution. has the answer to your pressing questions and we can consult you on the best option for your business or home. 

From gate security to fingerprint access control the options we can offer you will totally revitalize your outlook on security and your families overall safety. Imagine a place if you can that you have visited that did not have any sort of security cameras or access controls to keep you in a safe environment free from the threat of an intrusion or theft, Now imagine you’re in that same location and you have the ability to be completed covered by every angle possible, gate codes, fingerprint scans, motion sensors, etc feels safer doesn’t it. Most smartphones can access these devices wirelessly from anywhere around the globe giving you the ability to see, hear, record and also broadcast your voice. 

Having the extreme ability to have a bounding advantage over any burglary gives you a huge added reason to choose for your home camera system and installation. Finding companies that will offer the same excellent service that you have at is a hard task. Home camera system and cctv camera systems are really what many homes are missing to add not only extra surveillance around the home but also may lower insurance costs significantly. Seeing and Hearing is crucial for perception the definition of perception is the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.

A home camera security system can not only document or sense theft or burglary but can also document major storm events such as hurricane force winds and tornadoes that come with hurricanes. Finding a reason to install a home security system is often the last thing you want to have to do because this usually signifies that you have had a break in or some kind event that is prompting you to have cameras installed; you know the old saying I wish my hindsight was 20/20 or I wish I would have prepared earlier, well you can relax with and prepare before the storm. Home surveillance is something that you can and should be able to afford if you can buy luxury electronics items from the store you can afford to buy a security system for your home right away.

Home surveillance from has access controls, IR or Infrared cameras that have night vision capabilities, motion sensors and a variety of controls that can keep your family safe at night and allow you to sleep soundly. We have so many products for your home security system you can buy everything that you need even if you have a home or an enormous industrial commercial property!  

You can become a supplier of our security products through our affiliate program and make money with us by becoming a distributor and fellow security professional. is a bonded, licensed EC13003850 electrical contractor certified and insured to do security installation, We are a company with over 9 years in the business. When you buy from us you get a lifetime of free technical support from 9am – 8pm eastern standard time. We also offer free apps for your apple or android devices that you can use to monitor any of your security camera systems no matter where they are. Going through your floor plan can give you extra insight into what security products you need and where you need to put them to have the maximum effect and coverage. Access panels, controls readers, alarm sensors, DVR and NVR recorders, CCTV Security cameras, power and video cables, Full installation products are available including bracketing, and everything you need to configure your system for motion detection we can set it up to send you notifications as well.

Give us a call today at 1-800-573-8878 and ask for a free consultation. has the custom solution for you. Any security product that you may need we specialize and take pride in designing and installing everything. Security camera installation can be thought of like this, a picture is worth a thousand words what is 24 pictures per second worth; that’s the depth and knowledge you could obtain if you were willing to make a simple investment and install cameras around your property. Visit TODAY and get the best service and support or you can give us a call at 1-800-573-8878 and you can send us over schematics or ideas you may have and we can provide you with direct consultation immediately.