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Automatic Gate Lock


Damon Delcoro


September 16, 2016


Automatic Gate Lock

TechPro Security Products has the ultimate perimeter security for your property, business or community. With an automatic gate lock you can determine who enters and how and when they get into a desired location. Keep out unwanted guests such as solicitors, burglars and prowlers with an automatic a lock. An automatic gate lock paired with a security camera surveillance system gives you the ultimate blanket of protection. TechPro Security Products has many different types of security access control. We are your go to source for automatic gate locks and automated gate systems. These security systems combine access control to allow entry into a fenced perimeter or designated area.


An automatic gate lock is perfect for automotive dealerships, warehouse and industrial districts, parking lots and garages, farming areas and personal property. You can marry a variety of security surveillance products to give varying levels of protection depending on your security needs. Security surveillance cameras and automatically locks coupled with a digital security guard provide 24 seven round-the-clock protection.  TechPro Security Products uses an electromagnetic lock that has been specifically designed for all types of gates and swing arms. These automatic gate locks have a threshold that is upwards of 1200 pounds of force.

TechPro Security Products has bridged the gap between the fence and gate industry by allowing for a seamless automatic gate lock. These automatic gate locks are designed to run low-voltage 12 to 24 V DC (direct current).   The ability to now combine the gate, operator and the access controls has streamline this process. This has made it easily available for many different industries as well as personal residential use. TechPro Security Products has an experienced staff that can assist you with any questions you might have concerning access control.  Our security surveillance experts on staff have been highly trained to offer the best solutions based on your security requirements or budget.

Choosing the right access control system can be based off a myriad of factors.  Do you want persons or employees entering a facility during certain time periods while some employees can have complete access to matter the time of day. Let us assist you with your security surveillance layout design by finding the ideal products for your desired security environment. The different access control products you can use: door access control, complete door access control system, fingerprint access control, IP access control, door security systems, access control cards, wireless access control, electronic access control, biometric access control system, security access control systems, access control solutions, card entry system, fingerprint access control system, gate access control systems, keypad access control, access control locks.

Automatic Gate Lock