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Security Service Contractor


Joe Shopsin


February 28, 2022


Security Systems Specifically Tailored for You!

Security Service Contractor

Techpro Security Products is a highly rated Security Service Contractor known for our cutting-edge hardware and professional tier installations.

Security is an incredibly important aspect of successfully owning or managing a home or business. It’s incredibly important to consider the safety of those around you, like family friends, and employees. Beyond personal safety, property damage or theft are factors to consider also. Protecting people, and their property falls under the field of security, and there are many facets to achieving a complete security system. read on to learn more about why TechPro Security Products- an Authorized Avigilon Partner, offers the best variety and quality of security services available today, in south Florida.

Of all the security services we perform at TechPro, Security Camera and CCTV recording hardware installation and management are by far the most common, and most requested. TechPro security products is an Avigilon Partner, and as such, we carry our own series of cameras as well as the full Avigilon suite of state-of-the-art North American-made cameras and recorders. Not only do we install this equipment professionally, and cleanly, but we also offer technical support to help you learn and operate the product, as well as provide service.s With our extended Tech-Protect plan, you’re systems parts and labor are covered for 5 years. Additionally, when covered by Tech-Protect, we automatically monitor your security system’s health and status. We will automatically dispatch technicians to the location if the system is compromised, damaged, or fails.

Access Control is another of the security services we are commonly requested to install and maintain. Access control is electronic locks, strikes, buttons, switches, and computers working together with card readers, keypads, and keyfob readers to limit and control access to the personnel authorized to be on-site within the location. The successful and clean installation of these kinds of products requires knowledge of many fields, including construction, electrical, and computer networking. TechPro Security is the professionals in these fields and employes technicians and installers from multiple backgrounds. Always trust a professional installer for these kinds of jobs, as access control installation is not a Sunday DIY project.

We offer many more security services that would be of value to any property owner or manager. Check out next week’s article for more details on these services, or give the Pro’s a call to talk to one of our friendly representatives and set up an appointment.

If you’re looking to get your home or business fully protected, don’t try it alone, -let the Pros handle it!

Call Techpro Security Products, an Avigilon Partner, today for more info, and to set up an appointment: 561.990.4168
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